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Dr Timothy Hsi



Trained as a psychotherapist and career development practitioner, Timothy has been involved in the field of counselling for over 2 decades. He now teaches in ACAP as a Lecturer across the various counselling programmes at the Adelaide campus since 2016.

Before joining ACAP, he was instrumental in training a new generation of career practitioners in Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand as a Master Trainer in career development through his Singapore company Abundanz Consulting (2015 onwards). Prior to this, he established the counselling service at Singapore Management University (SMU) and was subsequently appointed as the Centre Director of the Student Wellness Centre there (2003-2015). Additionally, he also taught as a sessional educator at James Cook University (Singapore campus) & the School of Social Sciences at SMU (2006 to 2015).

Tim is the Founding President of the Career Development Association of Singapore, a member of the editorial board of the Asia Pacific Career Development Journal and advisory board member of the Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre at SMU.

Professional Accreditation and Affiliations

  • Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS), Professional Member & Founding President.
  • National Career Development Association (NCDA), Member and Registered Instructor of FCD (Facilitating Career Development)
  • Career Development Network, Asian Representative
  • Australian Counselling Association, Level 4 member
  • Singapore Association for Counselling, Registered Clinical Supervisor.

Edited Books

  • Hsi, T. K. (Ed.). (2013). A basic guide to peer helping. Singapore: Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre.

Conference Presentations

  • Hsi, T. (2019, May). Life is more than just the job... Helping clients find their ‘Ikigai’ or ‘Reason for Being’ in the age of Industry 4.0. Presented at Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Hsi, T. K. (2018, May). A typology of career practitioner orientation. Presented at Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference 2018, Beijing.
  • Hsi, T. (2017, May). An exploratory study of the development of career adaptability in Singapore’s labour force. Presented at Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference 2017, Philippines.
  • Hsi, T. (2016, November). Professional identity development of career practitioners. Presented at Adult Learning Symposium 2016, Singapore.
  • Hsi, T. & Knowdell, R. (2016, May) Culture-free Career Assessment Instruments. Presented at Asia-Pacific Career Development Conference 2016, Taipei.
  • Hsi, T. (2013, January). Perception of the role of counsellors in a Singapore university. Presented at 6th World University Forum 2013, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hsi, T. & Gillo, C. (2011, June). Examining the impact of peer helping on peer helpers: a comparative study of experiences in Sweden and Singapore. Presented at 4th Annual International Peer Support Symposium 2011, Athens, Greece.
  • Hsi, T. & Singh, R. (2010, July). Engaging students in the moderating of student conduct in Singapore Management University. Presented at 12th Asia-Pacific Student Services Association Conference 2010, Brisbane.
  • Hsi, T. & Chung, A. (2010, July). Peer Helpers: Bridging the gap between the student community and the University’s counselling service. Presented at 12th Asia-Pacific Student Services Association Conference 2010, Brisbane.
  • Tan, G. & Hsi, T. (2007, June). The impact of peer-helper program on peer helpers: Some preliminary findings. Presented at The Eighth international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe 2007, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Tan, G. & Hsi, T. (2005, October). Fostering total wellness through peer helping: Reflections on the SMU experience. Presented at 4th Asian Conference of the academy of HRD 2005, Taiwan, Republic of China.

Editorial Boards

  • Asia Pacific Career Development Journal