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Mick Weston

Psychological Sciences


Mick Weston is a lecturer in the Discipline of Psychological Sciences at ACAP. He is also currently completing his PhD thesis investigating social psychological factors that contribute to health anxiety and disgust responses. His research has included the development of a new psychological measure, as well as using existing measures, to investigate individual differences in response to aversive stimuli.


Mick has a broad range of research interests including social psychology, media psychology, personality and individual differences, emotion and health anxiety.


Mick teaches across the undergraduate and honours program with focus on research design, methodology and quantitative analysis. He also has taught across a variety of areas including Social Psychology, Personality and Intercultural Diversity.

Mick is currently the sessional staff coordinator for Psychological Sciences

Expert Comment Topics

  • Social Psychology
  • Health Anxiety
  • Intergroup Dynamics
  • Intergroup Anxiety
  • Cognitive Labelling
  • Disgust
  • Media

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Honours Students: 3

Honours Students: 2