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Associate Professor Eric Brymer

Psychological Sciences


Eric Brymer specialises in researching the reciprocal nature of wellbeing outcomes from nature-based activities and performance in extreme environments. Eric’s expertise includes qualitative and mixed methods research design. He holds a PhD in Psychology with a specialist interest in outdoor and adventure psychology, a Master’s degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology and post graduate degrees in Education and Business. He also holds research positions in health and outdoor studies at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Leeds Beckett University, UK and the University of Cumbria, UK.

Research Interests

Eric focuses on Ecological Psychology, wellbeing, nature-based interventions and Psychology in extreme environments.

Expert Comment Topics

  • Extreme sport

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Adventure

  • Nature and wellbeing

Published Journal Articles

  • Danijela Kuna, Eric Brymer, Keith Davids, Dragan Marinkovic (2018) Task constraints patterns in acquisition of the basic turn as implemented by international expert ski coaches. kinesiologia slovenica, 24 91, 28-34 
  • Tuomas Juhani Immonen, Eric Brymer, Keith Davids, Jarmo Olavi Liukkonen, Timo Tapio Jaakkola (In Press) An Ecological Conceptualisation of Extreme Sports. Frontiers in Psychology    
  • Houge Mackenzie, S. & Brymer, E. (In Press) Conceptualising adventurous nature sport: A positive psychology perspective. Annals of Leisure Research.
  • Schweitzer, R, Glab, H. & Brymer E. (In Press) The human-nature relationship: a phenomenological-relational perspective. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Dominic Orth, Keith Davids, Jia Yi Chow, Eric Brymer, Ludovic Seifert (2018) Behavioural repertoire influences the rate and nature of learning in climbing: Implications for individualised learning design in preparation for extreme sports participation, Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 949 
  • Feletti, F and Brymer (In Press) Injury in Kite buggying: The role of the ‘out of buggy experience’ Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
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  • Brymer, E, & Schweitzer, R, D. (2017) Evoking the Ineffable: The phenomenology of extreme sports, Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice 4(1):63-74
  • Brymer E., & Davids K, (2016) Designing environments to enhance physical activity and psychological wellbeing. Sports Medicine, 46(7), 925-926 (IF: 6.8)
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  • Martyn, P., & Brymer, E. (2016) The relationship between nature relatedness and anxiety. Journal of Health Psychology, 21 (7) 1436-1445 (Impact Factor: 1.826 | Ranking: Psychology, Clinical 50 out of 111 | 5-Year Impact Factor:2.175 | 5-Year Ranking: Psychology, Clinical 49 out of 111)
  • Sharma-Brymer, V, Brymer, E, & Davids, K., (2015). The relationship between physical activity in green space and human health: An Ecological Dynamics perspective. Journal of Physical Education Research. 2 (1). 7 - 22 (IF 0.519)
  • Moy, B., Renshaw, I., Davids, K., & Brymer, E (2015) Overcoming acculturation: physical education recruits' experiences of an alternative pedagogical approach to games teaching. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy (IF 0.950)

Published Books

Published Book Chapters

  • Peacock, S., & Brymer, E. (In Press). Facilitating Mental Health. In H.C. Filho Eds. Encyclopedia of the UN sustainable development goals:  Good health and wellbeing. Springer
  • Sharma-Brymer, V., Gray, T., & Brymer, E. (2018) Sport Participation to Create a Deeper Environmental Identity with Pro-environmental Behaviors. In McCullough, B. P., & Kellison, T. B. (Eds.). Routledge Handbook on Sport, Sustainability and the Environment. (p 330-339) NY: Routledge
  • Seifert, L., Brymer, E., Orth, D. & Davids, K. (2016) Ecological dynamics approach of motor control & learning in extreme sports, F. Feletti (Ed.) Extreme Sports Medicine, Springer (p. 365-383) 
  • Brymer, E. & Houge Mackenzie, S. (2016) Psychology and the Extreme Sport Experience, In F. Feletti (Ed.) Extreme Sports Medicine, Springer (p. 3-14) 
  • Brymer, E., & Monasterio, E. (2016) Exposure & engagement in mountaineering. In Peter Wolf, Andreas Schweizer, Ludovic Seifert (Eds), Science of Climbing and Mountaineering. Routledge.
  • Brymer, E. & Schweitzer, R. (2015) Phenomenology, Identity and place in extreme sports. In Leisure, environments, Place, Identity and Space, Palgrave
  • Brymer, E. & Houge MacKenzie, S. (2015) The impact of extreme sports on host communities’ psychological growth and development. In Y. Reisinger Ed. Transformational tourism: Host benefits, CABI
  • Monasterio, E. & Brymer, E. (2015) Mountaineering Personality and Risk. In G. Musa, J. Higham, A. Thompson- Carr (Ed’s) Mountaineering Tourism, Routledge

Professional Affiliations and Fellowships

  • Registered Psychologist AHPRA
  • Chartered Psychologist British Psychological Society

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