Dr Amy Talbot

Dr Amy Talbot

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology


BA Hons (Psyc)


Dr Amy Talbot is a multi-award winning psychologist and leader who provides clinical consultation, supervision and training to clinicians Australia wide who work with patients and families affected by eating and feeding disorders, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive and related disorders. With over 10 years research and clinical experience, Dr Talbot has published multiple articles, and delivered keynotes, workshops, and training focused on eating and feeding disorders across the lifespan, as well as in her other areas of clinical interest. In 2018 she was awarded Australian Psychologist of the Year at the inaugural Australian Allied Health Awards and in 2021 she was awarded Excellence in Health Leadership and Management. Dr Talbot holds a concurrent position as Director and Senior Clinical Psychologist at a private multidisciplinary outpatient service in Northwest Sydney.


Dr Talbot’s current research focuses on increasing awareness of and early identification of clinical concerns, championing the voice of lived experience and on improving the intervention evidence base to allow for better outcomes for families, particularly in her areas of clinical interest. She also has a strong interest in research focusing on healthcare leadership and facilitating the sustainable and resilient development of early career healthcare practitioners.

Teaching /coordination responsibilities

Dr Talbot teaches across the postgraduate psychology programs, providing lecturing, clinical supervision and external placement support coordination for 6th years.

Expert Comment Topics
Clinical Psychology
Clinical Supervision
Eating Disorders
Feeding Disorders
Eating/Feeding Disorders & Neurodiversity
Tic Disorders
Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours
Anxiety Disorders and Selective Mutism
Child and Family Psychology
Leadership (especially healthcare leadership)
Healthcare trainee development, including developing a therapeutic identity; managing imposter syndrome, building resilience
Developmental Psychology and transitions to adulthood
Academic stress, procrastination and perfectionism
Enhancing Performance
Systemic Approaches to Therapy

Research and scholarship


  • Talbot, A. R. & Thornton, C. (2016). Treatment of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. In Wade, T. (Ed.) Encyclopaedia of Eating and Feeding Disorders, Springer Online.
  • Talbot, A. R., Hay, P., Buckett, G., & Touyz, S. W. (2015). Cognitive deficits as an endophenotype for anorexia nervosa: An accepted fact or a need for re-examination? International Journal of Eating Disorders, 48 (1), 15-25.
  • Talbot, A. R., Hay, P., & Touyz, S. W. (2015). Exploring the relationship between cognitive style and daily functioning in patients with anorexia nervosa. Advances in Eating Disorders, 3, 300-310.
  • Talbot, A. R., Touyz, S. W., & Hay, P. (2012). State-trait properties of cognitive impairment for patients with Anorexia Nervosa: An investigation of set shifting and central coherence in individuals who have achieved full psychiatric recovery [Abstract]. Clinical Psychology, 16, 93-95.


Conference Presentations

  • Talbot, A. R. (2022, Aug). Enhancing Outcomes for Autistic People with Eating Disorders. Workshop presented at the Australia and New Zeland Academy for Eating Disorders Annual Conference, Sydney, NSW.
  • Talbot, A. R. (2021, Mar). Working with ARFID in adolescents and adults. Workshop presented at the ANZAED Autumn Workshop Series, Online.
  • Talbot, A. R. (2018, Sept). Considerations in the assessment, early identification and treatment planning for ARFID across the lifespan: A collaborative client-centred perspective. Keynote Address presented at the Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference, Coolangatta, Qld.
  • Talbot, A. R. (2017, May). Cases that don’t fit the box: ARFID and co-morbid ASD with ED. Workshop presented at the At Home with Eating Disorders Biannual Conference, Homebush, NSW.
  • Talbot, A. R., & Thornton, C. (2015, August). The many flavours of ARFID. Workshop presented at the Australia and New Zeland Academy for Eating Disorders Annual Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Talbot, A. R., Touyz, S. W., & Hay, P. (2015, March). Cognitive functioning across stages of recovery in anorexia nervosa: An RDoC inspired investigation. Paper accepted for presentation at the London Eating Disorders Conference, London.
  • Talbot, A. R., Touyz, S. W., Hay, P., & Buckett, G. (2013, May). Rethinking the role of CRT in treatment for anorexia nervosa: An investigation of neuropsychological functioning across stages of recovery Paper accepted for presentation at the AED International Conference on Eating Disorders, Montreal, Canada.
  • Talbot, A. R., Touyz, S. W., Hay, P., & Buckett, G. (2012, August). Is CRT the answer to poor treatment outcomes: Insights from neuropsychological testing with Anorexia Nervosa patients who have achieved full psychiatric recovery? Paper accepted for presentation at the ANZAED Annual Conference, Adelaide.
  • Talbot, A. R., Touyz, S. W., Hay, P., & Buckett, G. (2012, May). Cognitive deficits fall short in search for Anorexia Nervosa endophenotype. Paper accepted for presentation at the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders and Children’s Hospital Westmead Eating Disorders: Building Partnerships conference, Homebush.

Professional registrations or accreditation

Psychology Board of Australia (Reg #: PSY0001634694)

Endorsed Clinical Psychologist

Board Approved Supervisor

Professional Affiliations and Fellowships

Member Australian Psychological Society

Member Australian Clinical Psychology Association

Member Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders

Member National Eating Disorders Collaboration

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