Dr Charles Lo MPA Course Leader

Dr Charles Lo

Course Leader - MPA, MBA


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) University of Sydney
Bachelor of Business (Honours in Accounting) University of Technology, Sydney


With over two decades of expertise in higher education, Charles is a distinguished and committed educator, with a passion for guiding students through their studies.

Most recently he has designed ACAP's new and highly innovative Master of Professional Accounting (MPA).
Charles' purpose
My extensive academic journey in business education, spanning over twenty years equips me with the expertise I bring to ACAP. The breadth of my professional journey encompasses roles in both public universities and independent learning institutions. My background in both business and health disciplines allows me to connect various subjects, providing a more integrated teaching approach. I'm dedicated to education, eager to share my knowledge with students, and focused on fostering a positive learning environment. My involvement in the accreditation processes with professional bodies showcases my commitment to high educational standards. Research is a cornerstone of my work, and when I teach, I blend this expertise into the curriculum, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.
Charles Lo


With over twenty years in business education, Charles is an accomplished academic known for dynamic and practical teaching enriched by his background in accounting and finance. His career commenced in retail banking, and this practical financial foundation was pivotal when he moved on to stockbroking, where for five years, he advised clients and managed portfolios, honing his expertise in risk management. 

Moving into academia, Charles applied his extensive industry knowledge to transform business and accounting education. He contributed to course design and curriculum refinement, ensuring they met modern industry standards and incorporated interdisciplinary approaches, blending business acumen with insights from other sectors. His leadership roles including President of a research association, mark his commitment to academic excellence and innovation. 

In the classroom, Charles is known for a teaching style that goes beyond traditional methods, integrating real-world experiences with rigorous research, thereby providing students with a relevant and comprehensive educational journey. His work in course coordination, curriculum development, and his involvement in accreditation demonstrate a commitment to impart knowledge and mentor and guide students towards success in their own careers. Charles’s professional journey, from accounting finance to academia, exemplifies his dedication to leveraging work activity for educational advancement. 

Expert Comments Topics

  • Health economics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Data analysis

Awards and Recognition

  • Australian Rotary Health Scholarship
  • Teaching Excellence Award – Insearch
  • School of Accounting Scholarship – UTS


  • Tran, Y., Austin, P., Lo, C., Craig, A., Middleton, J.W., Wrigley, P.J., Siddall, P. (2022). An Exploratory EEG Analysis on the Effects of Virtual Reality in People with Neuropathic Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury. Sensors, 22  
  • Tran, Y., Tang, D., Lo, C., McMahon, C., Mitchell, P., & Gopinath, B. (2021). Co-occurring hearing loss and cognitive decline in older adults: a dual group-based trajectory modeling approach. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, 13.  
  • Lo, C., Tran, Y., Anderson, K., Craig, A., Middleton, J. (2016). Functional priorities in persons with spinal cord injury: Using discrete choice experiments to determine preferences. Journal of Neurotrauma.  
  •  Middleton, J.W., Tran, Y., Lo, C., Craig, A. (2016). Reexamining the validity and dimensionality of the moorong self-efficacy scale: Improving its clinical utility. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Conference Presentations

  • Lo, C. (2023). “Academic Integrity and Topic Modelling: A Computational Exploration of Prevailing Themes”. Symposium abstract and presentation 
  • Lo, C. (2022). “Impact of Hearing Loss on Employment and Salary Rates”. Conference abstract and presentation 
  • Lo, C. and Thapa, D. (2020) “What do students want? Learnings from a private HE provider” Conference abstract and presentation 
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