Dr Peter Richard-Herbert

Senior Lecturer, Counselling


Doctorate -Professional Studies- Higher Research Degree-Psych (CQU)
MA Psychology (UWS)
Grad. Dipl. Mediation (Bond) Grad Dipl. Psychotherapy and Counselling (UK)
Dipl. Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (UK)
Dipl. Clinical Hypnosis (Aust)
Cert IV Training and Assessment


Dr Peter Richard-Herbert is Senior Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy at ACAP, teaching Undergraduate and Masters level students. Dr Richard-Herbert joined ACAP to offer students the benefit of his 38 years experience in full-time practice as a therapist.

Dr Peter Richard-Herbert is a Psychological Analyst, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Practitioner and FDRP Mediator with close to 4 decades of full time clinical practice.

In addition to his psychotherapy and counselling practice Dr Richard-Herbert has worked as a consultant to corporations where he has conducted executive leadership and coaching, self-development and delivered training courses, workshops and developed psychometric tests to enhance corporate effectiveness.

Dr Richard-Herbert has authored and developed new theories in Analytical Counselling and Ego State (Parts) Theory and has published on Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery (MSI), Advanced Ego State Therapy, Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Self State Analysis.


Doctorate – Professional Studies – Higher Research Degree-Psych (CQU)

Thesis: Psychological Analysis: Identification and analysis of Ego States that form a Hospitality Oriented Personality Profile (HOPP).

The aim of this research explored by psychological analysis the identification of personality states that construct a service oriented personality. The research concluded the existence of 10 personality parts (states) that scientifically support the concept of attitude over competency recruitment. The study contributed toward the quantification of subjective personality states.

Teaching/Coordination Responsibilities

  • Senior Lecturer, National Educator and Unit Co-ordinator providing educational material and support to tutors in Counselling Skills 2 (COUN2221) and
  • Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (COUN6261);
  • Supervisor to students in Research Project 2 (COUN6251);
  • Supervisor to students in Advanced Placement & Supervision 2 (COUN6231)
Expert Comment Topics
- Supervision and Training of Association clinical members, mental health professionals and psychology/counselling students in placement and research projects.
- Relationship Counselling and general self-development.
- Trauma Counselling relating to PTSD and trauma among the Police force.
- Remediation of repressed subconscious symptoms using the modality of Self State Analysis and Ego State Therapy to reduce and resolve deep seated, anxiety states.
- Alleviation of chronic and acute depressive states via coping skills training, self-esteem building and reduction of self-imposed pressure based on a rational emotive therapy/ CBT modules.
- Mentoring and self-development support of CEOs and Board Members in relation to performance, group/team dynamics, succession management.
- Personality profiling and bespoke psychometric test authorship to specific working requirements of industries.
- Set up and delivery of Life Coaching programs to individuals and Corporate Coaching programs to companies across Australia.
- Clinical Hypnotherapist – Developed a range of audio therapy MP3 downloads, CDs and Podcasts.

Professional Registrations or Accreditation

Registered Supervisor

  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia (PACFA);
  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA);
  • Australasian Ego State Therapy Association (AESTA);
  • Ego State Therapy International (ESTI);
  • Resource Therapy International (RTI);

Registered Family Disputes Mediator – Resolution Institute (Australia)

Professional Affiliations and Fellowships

  • PACFA – Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia – Clinical Member;
  • ACA – Australian Counselling Association – Clinical Member;
  • ESTI (Ego State Therapy International) – Chair – Australian Board Representative;
  • AESTA (Australasian Ego State Therapy Association) – National President; Founding member and Fellow
  • ISH (International Society Hypnosis) – Clinical Member;
  • NCP (UK) National Council of Psychotherapists – Clinical Member and Fellow;
  • AHA (NSW) Australian Hypnotherapists Association – Fellow and former NSW President;
  • RTI (Resource Therapy International) – Clinical Trainer and Supervisor
  • Resolution Institute (Australia) – Professional Member


  • Inspiring, Motivating and Guiding in T322.

Conference Presentations

  • The 6th Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors Conference, Brisbane, 2019 – Invited to be a presenter at the conference 2019.
    Presenting a workshop on Ego State Analysis – ‘Back to the Future’, an advanced style of Ego State Therapy authored and developed by Dr Peter Richard-Herbert and researched by his Doctoral Thesis (CQU). Presented a paper on Analytical Counselling, a method of moving through blocked stages in counselling, producing an outcome of Stress Reduction.
  • The World Congress of Medical and Clinical Hypnosis, Montreal, Canada 2018 – Presented a workshop on Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery (MSI) –original theory.
    Presented workshop on Ego State Analysis – ‘Back to the Future’, an advanced style of Ego State Therapy authored and developed by Dr Peter Richard-Herbert and researched by his Doctoral Thesis.
  • National Mediation Conference, Canberra 2019 – Presented a workshop on Analytical Interviewing, a method of moving through blocked stages of Family Disputes Resolution.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CAPA), Sydney 2015 – Presented a workshop on Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery(MSI) to members.
  • The Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia – Lectured Doctors, patients and AIDS workers of the HIV Unit on treatment based on strengthening the Auto Immune System via hypnosis and psycho imagery.
  • NSW Bar Association (Sydney) Lectured new barristers in training on relationships, people skills and stress reduction as new initiative to reduce divorce rate in their members.
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