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Dr Peter Saunders



PhD, RMIT University (2013)


Dr Peter Saunders commenced at ACAP in 2016. Prior to this, Peter worked at RMIT University and Birkbeck University in London.

Peter completed his PhD at RMIT University in 2013, examining the effectiveness of an online intervention for social anxiety. Peter has been a registered psychologist since 2008 and has worked in a range of different clinical settings.

Research Interests

Peter’s research interests are mainly in clinical and social psychology. This includes examining the effectiveness of online interventions, factors that influence mental health, the use of the internet and social media, and learning analytics.


Peter’s area of teaching expertise is in psychopathology, psychological assessment, social psychology and learning.

Journal Articles and Conference Presentations

Saunders, P., & Leah, C. (2016). Improving the student experience with learning analytics. Poster presented at Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute, Adelaide, Australia.

Chester, A., Xenos, S.,Ryan, R., Elgar, K.,Telley, A., Li, J. Fennessy, L.,Keogh, P., Brown, A., & Saunders, P. (2010). Supporting and challenging first year students: Evaluation of an embedded tutoring model in three disciplines. Paper presented at 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education conference, Adelaide, Australia.

Saunders, P., & Chester, A. (2009). Shyness and the Internet: Problem or Panacea? Computers in Human Behavior, 24, 2649- 2658.

Chester, A., Xenos, S., Ryan, R., Carmichael, R., & Saunders, P. (2009, September). Using peer assisted learning to enhance transition, engagement, and acquisition of foundational academic skills in large first year classes. Paper presented at the Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, Darwin, Australia.

Ryan, R., Chester, A., Carmichael, R., Xenos, S., Saunders, P., & Keogh, P. (2009, February). Engaging first year students through embedded peer tutoring. Paper presented at the meeting of the FYE Curriculum Design Symposium, Brisbane, Australia.

Saunders, P. The Psychology of Blogging. (2005). Paper presented at Australian Psychological Society Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

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