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James Collison

Senior Lecturer


B. Psych (Hons)
M. Psych (Clinical)


James Collison is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. He is also the acting Course Coordinator for the Masters of Professional Psychology and the Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology Practice.

Teaching / Coordination responsibilities

Teaching/Coordination for PSYC5482 (Intervening with Psychological Problems) and Teaching for PSYC5472 (Assessing Psychological Problems). Course Coordinator for Masters of Professional Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology.

Expert Comment Topics
Adolescent Mental Health
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
Psychological Testing and Assessment


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  • Barnier, E. & Collison, J. (2019). Experimental induction of self-focused attention via mirror gazing: Effects on body image, appraisals, body-focused shame, and self-esteem. Body Image, 30, 150 – 158.
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  • Collison, J. & Mahlberg, J. (2018). Factor analysis and psychometric validation of the body image disturbance questionnaire in an Australian undergraduate sample. Australian Psychologist, 53(3), 195-202.
  • Oakes, A., Collison J., & Milne-Home. J. (2017). Repetitive, safe, and automatic: The experience of appearance‐related behaviours in body dysmorphic disorder. Australian Psychologist, 52(6), 433-441

Conference Presentations

  • Collison, J. (2018). Four-part series for general practitioners on promoting access to mental health among adolescents living in Western Sydney (funded via the South-West Sydney Area Health Network).
  • Collison, J. (2017). Cognitive behavioural formulation. Invited training for the Fairfield Community Health Centre. South West Sydney Local Health District.
  • Collison, J. (2016). Assessment of body image disorders among adolescents. In-service for Headspace (Campbelltown), funding via OneDoor Mental Health.
  • Collison, J. (2014). Measuring behaviour in body dysmorphic disorder via the appearance-related behaviours scale: Preliminary findings from a clinical sample. Mental Health Practitioners Network, Campbelltown Branch Meeting.
  • Collison, J. (2013). Appearance-related behaviour in body dysmorphic disorder. Nepean Hospital Centre for Addictive Medicine Annual Meeting, Penrith, Australia.

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Registered Psychology (Area of Endorsement: Clinical Psychology)

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