Dr Timothy Hsi

Maddie Mathisen

Lecturer, Counselling


PhD (counselling)-Current
Master of Counselling
Master of Extension Education (India)



  • Exploring the Experiences of South Asian Clients and Facilitators of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs: A Qualitative Study. -Currently involved.
  • Indian Immigrants and Their Counsellors: Implications for Australian Counselling Practice.
  • Contribution of Rural Women in Goat Husbandry.

Teaching/Coordination Responsibilities

  • 5 Years at Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), India
  • 6 months at The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle
  • 1 Year & 4 months at ACAP and continue
Expert Comment Topics
Domestic Violence
Cross Cultural Counselling
Relationship Counselling

Research and Scholarship

  • Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship during PhD (2017 -2020).
  • Institute scholarship during Master study (1995)- In India
  • Human Resource Development Scholarship during Graduation Degree (1991)- In India


  • Mathisen Madhuri & Ledingham Marieke. (2018). Exploring lived experiences of Indian immigrants and their counsellor: A qualitative study. Psychreg Journal of psychology, 2(2): 29-42.
  • Gautam, Madhuri., Tripathi, Hema., & Bahnja, S.K. (2000). Technical knowledge of Indian rural women in goat husbandry. Livestock Research, 3: 20-28. (Published in Hindi Language)
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  • Gautam, Madhuri., & Hema Tripathi. (2001). Rural women’s Work and division of labour in goat husbandry enterprise. Asian Livestock, Vol. XXV, No. 1, Online, FAO Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand.
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