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A headshot profile picture of Dr. Matt Bambling.

Professor Matt Bambling

Professor, Chair of Psychological Sciences


PhD, 2003
MSocSc, 1999
BSocSc, 1993


Matt Bambling is a Clinical Psychologist and the Chair of Discipline for Psychological Sciences and is based at the Brisbane campus. Matt joined ACAP in late August 2021, prior to this time worked at the University of Queensland where he was director of post graduate mental health programs and he was also director of postgraduate programs for the faculty of medicine. Prior to working at UQ, Matt has a history working in psychology departments at the course coordinator level.   Before entering academia, Matt worked in a variety of areas such as forensic, child and family and adult mental health. He has maintained a part time private practice throughout his academic career. Matt has served as Queensland Chair for the Clinical College and on the National Committee.

Research Interests

Matt completed his PhD at the School of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, UQ, on the treatment of depression. After completing his PhD, he held post-doctoral positions on a large national mental health project, and the evaluation of a large national mental health provider. He has developed a research focus around the treatment of resistant depression as well as e-mental health. He is also a fellow of the Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth.  Matt’s current research interests are the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in depression and anxiety.  He also has an active research interest in e-mental health, psychotherapy treatment outcome, human factors, and the practice of clinical supervision.  He has supervised many PhD students to completion as well as supervised masters and honors level theses. he

Matt has taught across all area of psychology at undergraduate and post graduate levels. He has also taught psychotherapy courses and provided many professional workshops.

Expert Comment Topics
Mental health disorders
Relationship and family issues
Impact of social events on mental health
Human factors and performance

Awards & Fellowships

2017 – Current: Fellow of the Collage of Clinical Psychology APS.
2018 – Current: Fellow of the UQ Online Centre for Digital Health PAH
2003: Fellow of the UQ Online Centre for Digital Health PAH
1999 – 2002:
  • APA scholarship holder for PhD studies.
  • Dean’s award for outstanding research.
  • Kenneth Howard Memorial award for best project: Society for Psychotherapy Research USA.


APS:106375 Fellow-Clinical College

AHPRA: PSY0000971289

Member of The Australian Aviation Psychology Association


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