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Promoting performance or reinforcing disadvantage? Untangling the threads of parents’ school choices using specialization

Aris, S

Presentation LCT Roundtable, Sept 7.

Weekly job crafting and weekly meaningful work: A diary study

Dhanpat, N., de Braine, R., & Geldenhuys, M.

European Academy of Management, 2019, 26 – 28 June 2019. Full text paper was published in the conference proceedings. (ISBN 978-2-9602195-1-7)

Individual responsibility for HIV prevention: Meanings of voluntary medical adult male circumcision

Howard-Payne, L.

Social Theory and Health

Toward a unified vision of professional counselling identity: A preliminary Australian perspective.

Moir-Bussy, A., Andrews, K., & Smith, T

Australian Counselling Research Journal, 10(2), 1-31

“This wasn’t in the manual”: A qualitative exploration of tolerance of uncertainty in the practicing psychology context

Quinlan, E., Schilder, S., & Deane, F.

Australian Psychologist

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