Current Initiatives

Virtual Reality and Psychology: Using Virtual Reality to Improve Intergroup Attitudes

The study is about investigating whether racial attitudes can be improved through virtual reality. The study therefore requires all participants to self-identify as Caucasian and be over the age of 18. It is uncommon for a study to ask for participants from one ethnic group, however, this study seeks to understand recent events in which negative attitudes towards immigrants, in particular,  Sudanese refugees have been reported; and it  aims to develop and investigate the use of virtual reality to improve these attitudes. If you participate, you will be in a 1-hour lab session where your breathing and physiological anxiety is recorded, you will experience a virtual reality stimulation and you will answer some questions.   

HREC name and approval number:
Australian College of Applied Psychology 522180619

Investigators names and institutions:
Maria Fernanda Dominguez, ACAP
Dr Nicholas Harris, ACAP
Dr Lisa Williams, UNSW

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Project end date:
November 2019




Living with Obesity

This intervention will train men and women with obesity and eating pathology on psychological and cognitive skills to help improve their eating behaviours, mood and stress to aid in weight loss. To find out more information and to register your interest to participate, contact Dr Raman on or 0431 321 335.

HREC name and approval number:
Australian College of Applied Psychology 473030419

Investigator name and institution:
Dr Jayanthi Raman, ACAP

Investigators contact details and for more information:, 0431 321 335