Student-Staff Consultative Committee

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Role of Student-Staff Consultative Committee

A Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) has been formed for each campus of ACAP. The SSCC is a forum for the student voice to be heard, considered and answered. Each SSCC will provide direct and independent advice on student experience, feedback on learning and teaching and any other aspect that is considered significant to student experience. Each SSCC will support, assist and promote the growth and development of courses through the communication of the student voice and act as a conduit for this advice to the campus leadership and the Academic Board.

The Chair, normally the Campus Academic Manager, shall ensure that each SSCC fulfils its responsibilities, and that matters are followed up and reported to the Academic Board, taking action as appropriate.

Functions of SSCC

Each SSCC shall:

  • Monitor and advise on the implementation, evaluation and improvement of courses and learning and teaching activity on a campus.
  • Respond to matters referred to it by the Academic Board, the Dean or nominee.
  • Monitor and advise on the effective implementation of academic policies.
  • Gather evidence to support various reporting, and for specific project initiatives as directed by the Academic Board, the Dean or nominee.
  • Monitor and advise on the quality of educational processes and student experience.
  • Advise the Academic Board of academic initiatives suitable for consideration and/or endorsement.
  • Provide a forum to ensure that the views of students are appropriately presented, considered and answered.



Frequency of Meetings

Each SSCC will normally meet once per teaching period in Week 7.  Special meetings of a SSCC may be called when deemed appropriate either by the:

  • Academic Board; or
  • Dean; or
  • Chair of the SSCC



SSCC Membership

Membership of a SSCC shall be made up of:

  • Student representatives from the courses delivered on a campus. They will be normally selected by the student population.
  • Campus Academic Manager, Chair
  • Discipline Coordinators or nominees
  • Campus Manager
  • Student Experience Manager


For more information, or to express your interest of involvement with the SSCC please email [email protected]
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