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One Focus, Unlimited Pathways

We’re proud of our deep knowledge of human behaviour and our passionate academic team. Empowering you to go out there and make real change in this world when you graduate.

1. Psychology runs deep

We believe that by digging deep into the workings of human behaviour, we have the insight to better understand our world to make the positive changes it needs and deserves. No matter what field you choose to work in, an understanding of the human mind and how it works, will take you further. To see more, understand more and achieve more.

2. Supportive learning

Our understanding of human behaviour is reflected in the way you study with us. Smaller, interactive classes to help you excel. Where we know you by name and you’re not shy to speak up and discuss your ideas, role-play and support each other. Where your passion for learning is mirrored equally by our passion for experiential teaching. We give you the encouragement and one-on-one support to help you learn and grow.

3. Real world ready

We’re outcomes focused, meaning it’s not just about what you learn when you’re with us, but what you’re capable of when you graduate. Our practical components and field placements give you this difference. They arm you with hours of real client interaction and insight, and professional connections. Allowing you to graduate with applied skills, hands-on confidence, and contemporary expertise that is industry recognised and highly-sought after.