Dr Daniel Brown is returning to Australia to run a series of workshops in Mindfulness

Posted by the Alumni Team on 23 February 2015

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Daniel P Brown, PhD is the Director of the Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy, Newton MA (USA) and Associate Clinical Professor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School. He has published 15 books and taught Hypnotherapy for 42 years.

Pointing Out Australia is welcoming Dr Brown back to Sydney in 2015. Some of you may have attended Dr Brown’s ACAP hosted workshop in 2014. In April 2015 Dr Brown will teach professional development workshops and meditation retreats. For psychotherapists, health professionals and those with strong interest in going beyond mindfulness, Dr Brown will offer a two day experiential workshop.

Following this he will offer Pointing Out level one teaching, open to all, for 8 days and then level two for the first time in Australia, available to those already established in this practice.

Pointing Out is offering ACAP alumni, students & staff a 10% discount to the registrations to Dr Brown’s two day professional development event. Use the code "ACAP15" when registering for the event to receive the discount.

For more information and to book for this event please go to http://www.pointingout.org/