Sydney: Energy Psychology: New Treatments for Anxiety

Posted by the ACAP Alumni team on 2 March 2018

The ACAP Alumni Team is pleased to have Steve Wells present our next professional development session in Sydney on the topic of;

Energy Psychology: New Treatments for Anxiety
Acupoint tapping for anxiety relief
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Simple Energy Techniques (SET) 

Date: Thursday 19 April 2018
Times: 5.30pm to 6.00pm Registration, Refreshments & Networking
6.00pm to 8.30pm Presentation
Location: Level 1 Lecture Theatre, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Cost: ACAP Alumni Covered 
Booking Fee*: $20 (see below for details)
Registration: Please see below

Energy Psychology (EP) techniques combine imaginal exposure with physical stimulation (usually tapping) of various acupressure points (acupoints) on the skin. This process can often result in rapid desensitisation of psychological distress accompanied by beneficial cognitive shifts. The techniques are easy to learn and apply, they can be integrated within a range of psychological therapies, and can be taught to clients for self-help applications.

A growing evidence base has found EP techniques to be effective in treating a spectrum of psychological disorders, including a wide range of anxiety-based conditions (Feinstein, 2012; Church, 2013; Benor, 2014; Gilomen and Lee, 2105).

This workshop will provide a practical introduction to 2 well-known Energy Psychology protocols: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and their application to treating anxiety. It will include live demonstration of the techniques as well as practical and experiential exercises. The available research evidence will be outlined, and answers given to your important questions regarding this emerging field. Specific 

protocols will de outlined for applying EP techniques to treat anxiety-based conditions typically encountered in psychological practice.

Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Energy Psychology background and development
  • Research on Energy Psychology
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Simple Energy Techniques (SET)
  • Demonstration of Simple Energy Techniques (SET)
  • EP treatment of anxiety-based conditions: phobias, panic, social anxiety, generalized anxiety
  • Practical and experiential exercises
  • Combining EP with mindfulness and acceptance
  • Combining EP with paradoxical and provocative techniques
  • Integrating EP techniques into counselling and psychotherapy

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will gain an understanding of the history and development of Energy Psychology. 
  • Participants will acquire an understanding of the evidence base for EP techniques
  • Participants will witness demonstrations of EP treatment of stress and anxiety,  and have the experience of implementing the techniques via practical and experiential exercises
  • Participants will gain a practical understanding of how to apply EFT and SET to treat a range of anxiety-based conditions
  • Participants will gain an understanding of how EP techniques can be integrated with other therapy models and psychological techniques
  • Participants will explore how EP techniques can integrated into their existing theoretical and practical frameworks.

Steve Wells is Perth-based psychologist in private practice who has been researching and using Energy Psychology techniques for over 20 years. Steve regularly presents his unique professional and personal development programs throughout Australia, USA, UK, and Europe. He previously worked for 10 years in the Western Australian Department of Education, where he worked as psychologist in charge of two separate centres for children with severe social, emotional and behavioural problems. He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Curtin University and post-graduate qualifications in Education, is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He is on the faculty member of the Emotional Intelligence Institute and the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Curtin University.

Steve conducted the first randomised control trial of EFT treatment of specific phobias which was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology (2003) and has continued to research new developments in conjunction with Curtin University. He is co-developer, with Dr. David Lake, of Simple Energy Techniques (SET), as well as Provocative Energy Therapy (PET), an advanced approach which combines EP techniques with provocative and paradoxical interventions from Provocative Therapy and Brief Strategic Therapy. e He Steve is co-author of 4 books, including New Energy Therapies and Enjoy Emotional Freedom. He is an inspiring presenter who always teaches practical techniques you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress!

By attending this event you will receive a certificate crediting you with 2.5 PD hours.

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