Student stories
Neil Lucas

I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, personality differences and the abnormal psychology topics we hear about in popular culture. I began my study at a mainstream university, but their timetable didn’t support my part-time requirements. ACAP’s blended learning was perfect so I could manage content at my own pace. I also wouldn’t have been comfortable asking those ‘stupid questions’ in a massive lecture theatre. ACAP’s smaller classes gave me all the confidence I needed.

  • Neil Lucas
Claudia Beinhoff

Having studied the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, when I began working the field one of the major skills I was lacking was counselling. I completed my placements at Mosman Private Hospital, where I ran group sessions for patients. It was such a rich, supportive learning environment with a supervisor that was hands-on the whole way through. Before my intern was complete, I’d been offered a job.

  • Claudia Beinhoff
Deborah Martinez

I migrated to Australian in 2000. I realised I wanted to help people and feel fulfilled so eventually chose a career in counselling. My placement saw me work two days a week at Dorothy Impey Home, a community-based aged care facility, where they were so impressed by my results and proactive nature, I became their first onsite counsellor as soon as I graduated.

  • Deborah Martinez
Lisa Wilson

I have held a lifelong passion to work as a mental health therapist, but wasn’t in a position to pursue this career until the last 10 years. I had graduated with an honours psych degree, but felt the need to develop my counselling skills which I believe are integral to the helping profession. I’m now employed in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Unit at Mosman Private Hospital – my placement experience during my course paved the way to empowering and informing my growth as a mental health therapist.

  • Lisa Wilson
Sarah Corkran

As a teenager, I had a few family members experience post-natal depression. My interest in counselling grew from wanting to understand their experience, and how to support others who may be experiencing mental health difficulties. Being face-to-face with clients and implementing treatment during my placement, gave me a true insight into what employment in the field would be like. I can’t emphasise enough how important these practices are.

  • Sarah Corkran
Lara Kocijan

The academic and clinical staff have extensive experience in a variety of areas, so we get a diverse perspective on theoretical approaches and career prospects. The clinical placements are in a variety of settings, so there is an amazing opportunity to experience working with interesting and complex clients.

  • Lara Kocijan
Alanoof Idris

ACAP is a very friendly environment, and I like that the new skills I am learning are helpful to have in everyday life. The practical component was definitely the selling point for me. I love the method of group work and discussion in class. Working together helps us to understand the concepts better.

  • Alanoof Idris
James McElroy

The big thing for me at ACAP is that age is not a barrier, it’s how much you enjoy and appreciate what you’re doing that makes you a success. Before I began my studies, I was a volunteer counsellor for Lifeline. I’m now a paid employee. If you’re interested in the human condition, this is the place to be. My diploma activated parts of my brain I hadn’t used for 30 or 40 years. And that is incredibly satisfying.

  • James McElroy
Isaac Siduna

Having come from Zimbabwe, ACAP’s small classes appealed to me and I felt that everyone was accepted here. I graduated from my Bachelor and decided to continue my studies as I wanted to learn more about the mind! I got a lot of insight from my student placements and hope to one day open my own practice, specialising in rehabilitation or therapy.

  • Isaac Siduna