Academic Consideration in Assessment

What is Academic Consideration in Assessment?
ACAP recognises that unforeseeable circumstances impact all of our lives. ACAP has implemented Academic Consideration in Assessment as a measure to ensure that the assessment of students takes account of these unforeseeable circumstances.
When should I apply for Academic Consideration in Assessment?
When you believe these unforeseeable circumstances genuinely impact your ability to demonstrate your learning achievements in your assessments, you should make a request using this form.
How do I know my circumstance entitle me to Academic Consideration in Assessment?
Generally, ACAP considers a circumstance to be unforeseeable when it is beyond a students control. You can find a general guide on page 13 of the ACAP Assessment Policy and Procedure (found here).
Is there a timeframe?
A request for Academic Consideration in Assessment must be lodged no later than 10 working days after the due date or completion date of the assessment concerned, or by the date agreed with the applicable Unit Coordinator.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with Attachment 4: Academic Consideration in Assessment Policy and Procedure (Page 13) of the ACAP Assessment Policy and Procedure (found here) for a more definitive list of eligible circumstances, application requirements and guidelines to ensure your request is approved.

Please ensure your desired outcome is short and concise.

You do not need to request Academic Consideration in Assessment for your extension!

You can continue by clicking the button below and you'll be redirected to submit an Assessment Extension Request instead. 

Assessment Details

For assignments: the date the assignment was due
For exams or classes: the date of the class or exam

Unfortunately, an assessment due on or before this due date is no longer eligible for Academic Consideration in Assessment, as more than 10 working days have passed since the due date.
If you feel your circumstances are extenuating, you may want to consider requesting an Appeal, or lodging a Grievance.

Please ensure you are familiar with the appropriate documentary evidence (page 21) we can accept for your application.

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