Management & Governance

The governance framework for the Navitas Professional Institute Pty Ltd (NPI) trading as Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is set out below:

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Corporate Governing Body of the Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP), with overall responsibility for the College, including its finances, strategic direction and governance.

The Directors are:

  • Professor Peter Ryan – Independent Chair
  • Dr Judy Szekeres – Independent Director
  • Mr Joseph Anthonysz – Executive Director
  • Ms Lucy Schulz – Executive Director
  • Mr Matthew Evans – Executive Director

The Academic Board

The Board of Directors has delegated to ACAP’s Academic Board responsibility for the oversight of academic matters. While the Academic Board reports to the Board of Directors, its consideration of academic matters is conducted separately from meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has delegated to the Academic Board authority to form the committees to assist it in the discharge its functions. The four key Committees (categorised as Tier 1) of Academic Board which enable it to discharge its functions are:

  • The Course Approval and Review Committee
  • The Learning and Teaching Committee
  • The Scholarship and Capability Committee
  • The National Student-Staff Committee

There are associated sub-committees to the four key Committees of the Academic Board categorised as Tier 2:

  • The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) reports through the Scholarship and Capability Committee.
  • The following sub-committees report through the Learning and Teaching Committee:
  • Courses Committees
  • Assessment Panels
  • External Examiners Panel
  • A New Course Advisory Panel provides guidance and industry and discipline specific advice to the Course Approval and Review Committee in relation to the development of a new course.

View the four key committees of the academic board here.

Academic Board Members:

  • Emeritus Professor John Rosenberg, Chair, Independent Member
  • Professor Andrew Flitman, Deputy Chair, Independent Member
  • Professor Levon Khachigian, Independent Member
  • Ms Lauren Pavlidis, Student Member
  • Ms Siew Ling Toh, Student Member
  • Professor Christopher Klopper, Dean and Chair, Learning and Teaching Committee and Scholarship and Capability Committee, Ex Officio Member
  • Professor Marcus O’Donnell, Provost, Ex Officio Member
  • Ms Jane McPhee, Director of Engagement, Ex Officio Member
  • Dr Glenda Hepplewhite, Director of Governance and Quality and Chair, Course Approval and Review Committee, Ex Officio Member
  • Mr Gary Brook, Registrar, Ex Officio Member

Executive Management Team

  • CEO, C&I Division (ACAP CEO/PEO) – Joseph Anthonysz
  • Chief Operating Officer – Matthew Evans
  • EGM Education – Lucy Schulz
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Tracey Jones
  • Head of Sales – Brad Homer
  • Provost – Marcus O’Donnell
  • Registrar – Gary Brook

Senior Management Team

  • Executive General Manager, ACAP – Lucy Schulz
  • Dean – Christopher Klopper
  • Commercial Director, Finance & Systems – Kelly Colless
  • Senior HR Manager – Sarah Moses
  • Director of Engagement – Jane McPhee
  • Director of Campus Operations – Andrew O’Brien
  • Business Partners (Marketing) – Charlotte MacArthur and Brendan Wall
  • Associate Director, Sales and Performance – Ryan Costa

Organisational Structure

ACAP Management and the Directorate of Academic Services are identified in the respective organisational charts:


View the Management and Governance Framework to understand the connectivity and structure within ACAP.

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