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Student Placement

Partner Companies

Student Placement

Agencies and organisational partners participating in the ACAP Student Placement Program report significant benefits.

Essential experience

Student placement provides the essential experience to prepare students for work in their chosen profession.

Placements are a period of unpaid work experience in a workplace that provides the opportunity to apply the theory and skills learned in class in the field, under supervision. Placement also provides a hands-on understanding of the different types of work available after graduation.

Fixed term placements:

  • Fixed start and finish dates
  • 8–9 months duration
  • Minimum 1-2 days per week
  • Easy planning for agencies
  • 3 opportunities per year for commencement of placement

Minimal paperwork:

  • Easy online placement forms
  • 45 minute interview for mid-placement review
  • Final report consists of rating scale and brief comments only

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, motivated students:

  • Final year students
  • Fresh new ideas, enthusiasm, energy and a new perspective
  • ACAP students are mature aged with a wealth of previous work and life experiences Clinical supervision provided:
  • All clinical supervision is provided by ACAP
  • Timetabled small group supervision classes

Identify talented practitioners for future employment:

  • Strong history of agencies employing ACAP students
  • Great opportunity to assess the potential of students for future employment
  • Opportunity to trial a potential employee without obligation

Additional human resource:

  • Additional human resource for project work, research, services and programs
  • Creates opportunities for leadership for current staff
  • Enhances your agency’s capacity to take on new projects and expand current services

Partnering for mutual benefit

Being immersed within a professional environment develops a deep understanding of the industries relevant to the field of study.

ACAP has links with respected organisations in the counselling, social work, youth work, case management, coaching and psychology fields across Australia. We help students connect with the right workplace to match their personal and professional interests, or to help broaden their experiences, if they want to explore different options.

ACAP graduates industry leaders. All graduates are highly regarded in the industry, employers know that ACAP’s experiential learning approach equips students to do the job from day one. We pride ourselves on training our students to be work ready and the feedback from employers and graduates confirms that we do just that. As a result, some ACAP students have been offered employment by their placement organisations.

“As a previous student of ACAP I have also held in the highest regard the training and care that ACAP provides. Because of this I am always confident in taking on students from ACAP as they are well equipped, trained and prepared for the demanding environment that MISA provides.
I have found that ACAP students come with a level of understanding and commitment that sets them apart as student counsellors and which translates into high levels of care and empathy for the clients. ACAP students also demonstrate a willingness to get involved with the day-to-day running of the organisation.

I have no hesitation in recommending ACAP students for any agency wishing to expand or increase the quality of their counselling services.”

Paul Baker
Counselling Coordinator – Men’s Information and Support Association

“I am always pleased and confident to take on students from ACAP because of their level of competency, as a result of their training and their commitment and dedication to learning. ACAP students demonstrate a willingness to get involved with the daily activities within their role and also to work within a multidisciplinary team at Villa Maria.
Throughout their time in placement, the students are able to widen their skills and gain valuable experience in counselling.
The students are very respectful, honouring the values and mission of Villa Maria, particularly our person-centred approach.

I have no hesitation in recommending ACAP students for any agency wishing to expand their service.
This has been highly successful at Villa Maria and has allowed our services to expand and cover more client needs across Villa Maria.”

Maureen O’Sullivan
Pastoral Care Coordinator – Villa Maria

Access to ACAP’s Online Library

Agencies participating in the Placement Program can gain unlimited access to ACAP’s online library resources throughout their student’s placement. The library is expansive and can provide invaluable resources for a nominated staff member of
your agency.

  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Sydney Campus (NSW, ACT, and Offshore) T: 02 8236 8058 E: [email protected]
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Brisbane Campus (QLD, NT) T: 07 3234 4416 E: [email protected]
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Melbourne Campus (VIC, TAS & WA) T: 03 8613 0612 E: [email protected]
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Adelaide Campus (SA) T: 08 8110 4018 E: [email protected]
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Perth Campus (WA) T: 08 6217 4156 E: [email protected]cap.edu.au

Meet our faculty

Drawing on a mastery of psychology, human services and human behaviour – as well as decades of experience delivering applied education that is deeply personal, empathetic and steeped in practical purpose – ACAP’s educators are uniquely positioned to equip students with the skills to forge successful careers, but also the soft skills and human-centred practices needed for success in the new world.





We are committed to creating a people centred college that supports and promotes Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for all. This philosophy and policy is a work in progress and is brought to you by ACAP’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group (a mix of ACAP students and staff). We are working towards a college culture where every voice is heard and respected. Where you have freedom from discrimination and harassment, and feel supported, valued and included. If you have questions or any ideas and suggestions on how we can improve, we would love to hear from you and always value feedback.

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