A group of people in a circle happily discuss something in the office. A group of people happily discuss something in the office.
Partner Companies

Student Placement
Program at ACAP

Partner Companies

Student Placement
Program at ACAP

Organisational partners participating in the ACAP Student Placement Program report significant benefits.

ACAP’s Unique Program

ACAP graduates industry leaders with the support of the mutually beneficial ACAP Student Placement Program.

Placements are a period of unpaid work experience which is beneficial for both students and organisations alike. It is an opportunity to apply the theory and skills learned in class in a student’s chosen profession, under supervision.

ACAP’s experiential learning approach equips students to do the job from day one. We pride ourselves on training our students to be work-ready, with the feedback from employers and graduates confirming that we do just that. Many ACAP students have been offered employment by their placement organisations after their placement period.

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What are the benefits for organisations?

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    Staffing: Placement can be a source of attracting new talent and creating leadership opportunities for current team members.
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    Bolster capabilities: With the additional human resource, organisations can take advantage of increased capacity for new projects and expand current services.
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    Valuable students: ACAP students typically have a wealth of previous work and life experiences, and are always knowledgeable and motivated to learn and assist.
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    ACAP resources at your finger tips: You can gain unlimited access to ACAP’s extensive online library resources throughout a student’s placement.
Placements & Industry

Become an ACAP Placement Partner

Register your interest and discover the next steps to becoming a partner.

For organisations in the discipline of Law considering a Practical Legal Training (PLT) host position, please review and complete the PLT EOI Form.

For volunteering options and all other areas of interest (e.g. Counselling), please complete the General EOI Online Form.

Hear what students and partners say

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After my ACAP student placement I was offered a choice of two positions. I really love the job I chose. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without ACAP. Anu, Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
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I decided to study at ACAP because a friend of mine who had completed her studies with ACAP had amazing things to say about her experience. I am so glad I did as now I would recommend ACAP to others. The placement component in particular is enriching and manageable, unlike what is offered at some other universities. Dana, Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy
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“I have found that ACAP students come with a level of understanding and commitment that sets them apart as student counsellors and which translates into high levels of care and empathy for the clients. ACAP students also demonstrate a willingness to get involved with the day-to-day running of the organisation. I have no hesitation in recommending ACAP students for any agency wishing to expand or increase the quality of their counselling services.”

Paul Baker
Counselling Coordinator – Men’s Information and Support Association

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“I am always pleased and confident to take on students from ACAP because of their level of competency, as a result of their training and their commitment and dedication to learning. ACAP students demonstrate a willingness to get involved with the daily activities within their role and also to work within a multidisciplinary team at Villa Maria. Throughout their time in placement, the students are able to widen their skills and gain valuable experience in counselling.

I have no hesitation in recommending ACAP students for any agency wishing to expand their service. This has been highly successful and has allowed our services to expand and cover more client needs across Villa Maria.”

Maureen O’Sullivan
Pastoral Care Coordinator – Villa Maria

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