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A vibrant alumni

stay connected

A vibrant alumni

Our alumni community is diverse and going on to do incredible things in the real world.

Stay Connected

After you graduate from ACAP, it doesn’t mean you have to cut ties with us. We welcome all of our past students to be part of an active community that allows you to invest in your career and your personal growth with your ACAP family.

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Join the ACAP Alumni Community

The ACAP alumni community is an active community of ACAP graduates, allied health learners, teachers and professionals, working together to unlock possibilities. We achieve this through a range of engagement activities including but not limited to those points below:

  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Continuing professional development seminars for alumni, students, staff and placement supervisors provided by experts in the allied health field
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Career development workshops & resources for ACAP graduates
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Networking opportunities at both online & on-campus events
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Collaboration with external professional bodies and community service providers
Lady at industry event

Industry & Alumni Events

From time to time, we hold events that bring alumni together to learn from industry experts and to network among other alumni.

Alumni story

Unexpected opportunity

It’s funny to think how much has happened in the short time since I graduated ACAP. 3 years ago, I took a placement in a wellbeing team in a high school as part of my Graduate Diploma in Counselling study with ACAP. Little did I know back then that that very placement would lead to me heading up a large high school wellbeing team just a couple of years later. My journey with ACAP started with a conversation I had with a friend who had recently graduated. I was feeling at a bit of a crossroads at the time. She raved about ACAP and told me about all the benefits of the college over the bigger universities. I liked the idea of smaller, more personal classes and the course sounded interesting so I decided to apply.

Bethany Moody,
Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Keep in touch

If you would like to share your story with us, get in touch with the Alumni team, or join us on Facebook, drop us a line when you are ready
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