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The journey to understanding human behaviour helps us contribute to the social well-being of society

Applied Learning & Humanistic Skills

The Australian College of Applied Professions is an international leader in providing professional training in the broad field of applied psychology. The philosophy of the college inspires our students, staff and graduates to contribute to the social and spiritual well-being of society by exemplifying the values of integrity, equity and social justice through our conduct as an organisation.

In the early 2000s, ACAP’s offer beyond Counselling and Psychology, included Communications, Human Resources, Leadership, Management & Sports Performance Psychology.

Now in 2021, ACAP once again broadens the offer to include a Masters of Business Administration and, soon, other new study areas to strengthen two key aspects of our core mission.

  • To redefine the meaning and application of psychology in relation to the needs of individuals, communities, corporations, governments and industry.
  • To continue to create learning environments in which individuals acquire the fundamental skills known to positively enhance and advance growth and development in interpersonal relationships.

Understanding people isn’t just for psychology

 It’s for anyone who knows why the world needs change – and wants to know how. Any profession with human behaviour at its core.

The ACAP Story

ACAP was established in Sydney in 1983 with the aim of making the study of applied psychology accessible to the wider public, beyond the narrow confines of traditional university teachings. The vision was always to leverage expertise in applied psychology to create learning environments that embed the humanistic skills to positively enhance and advance growth and development in interpersonal relationships. Across almost forty years, change has been a constant theme in finding ways to keep this vision front and centre. Now in 2021, we once again expand the offer beyond Applied Psychology, to use our experiential adult education model in other industries and operate with an ethic of contributing back to the community.

Management & Governance

The governance framework for the Navitas Professional Institute Pty Ltd (NPI) trading as Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) can be found on this page.

Faculty & Senior Staff

Grounded in human services, our faculty maintains a unique capability to offer a combination of academic and real-world skills, delivered by teachers who are highly-trained educators and practitioners able to share their vast experience in practical and meaningful ways that empower and get the best out of students.

Standards & Accreditation

The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) is a nationally registered training organisation and higher education provider delivering accredited vocational education and training and higher education courses to domestic and international students. Since 1983 the College has been teaching applied psychology and helping to prepare our students to change lives – to make a difference.

You can be yourself

Each ACAP campus has an ALLY network that monitors and supports our equity, diversity and inclusion policy. Its purpose is to make our college a place where students, staff and visitors can feel safe to be their whole selves and realise their full potential.

ACAP is proud to be the first Independent Education Provider member of the Pride In Diversity network, the first and only national not-for-profit program supporting all aspects of LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion.

Placement & Industry

The ACAP Student Placement Program gives students the experience they need to be prepared for work in their chosen profession. Our partners and the agencies who participate also benefit, so it's win-win model we're proud of.

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