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Woman standing in front of a building. Curly hair, glasses and holding a red binder and textbooks. General ACAP
Find balance in the Wheel of Life
The Wheel of Life is a tool you can use to create a well-considered visual representation of where you’re currently directing your attentions versus where you’d ideally be directing them.
Woman outstretches hand which rests on another persons shoulder. The person is seen in profile and is wearing earrings and facing person with hand on their shoulder. Applied Psychology
Are you ok? How to help a friend
There’s a beauty in friendships that extends far beyond fun and laughter during the good times. A strong friendship means supporting each other when life gets tough...
Person wearing bright turtleneck sits on couch in a home. The laptop is on a table in front of them. They squint and frown at screen with hand to forehead. General ACAP
Top tips to overcome burnout
Professor Kathryn Nicholson Perry is ACAP’s Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, and she provides her top tips to overcome burnout.
Woman in a suit stands in a room with people in the background. She smiles at the camera with arms crossed. Management
Empowering Women in Leadership
Advance your career in leadership with an accredited online MBA at ACAP.
Woman sits cross legged on the floor in library. Books on shelf behind them. General ACAP
5 Top Tips for Mastering a Challenging Course
Check out our top tips you’ll be able to rise to the challenges of your course feeling less stressed and more in control.
Applied Psychology
ACAP graduate swaps banking for saving lives at 50
Sandra Toovey swapped her corporate job for a counselling course at ACAP. Now she works on the front line of the NSW's sexual assault crisis.
Man with a beard and wearing a white tee shirt - rests with head on pillow and doona covering him. He is lying in bed and the bedhead is just visible in background. General ACAP
Top tips for a better nights sleep
Facing sleep deprivation? Here are six methods to turn your dreams of better sleep into a reality for enhanced progress.
A yellow metal clock with two alarm bells atop reads 7. Bright light and shadows are seen on wall behind clock. A persons hand is resting on top of alarm bells. General ACAP
Exploring the six personas of procrastination
What type of procrastinator are you? Identifying your unique traits and understanding your specific persona of procrastination could be crucial in overcoming it.
Woman smiles and looks to camera. Two figures are blurry in background. General ACAP
What is an accredited course? And how does this help you?
Check out our top tips you’ll be able to rise to the challenges of your course feeling less stressed and more in control.
Woman sitting at desk in an office chair. She is wearing a suit. A laptop and a closed pen on desk in front of her. She is looking at the papers in her hand. A wall of shelves are behind her. Law & Justice
Psychology and its role in a criminology career
Understanding what makes people tick is a critical element in the work of a criminologist, so if you’re curious about human behaviour, a career in criminology could be for you.
Crime Scene yellow tape is visible and featured across the image. "Crime Scene Do not cross" is printed in black on yellow tape. A glass double door is in the background. Dark shadows and backlight Law & Justice
A criminologist's top 10 crime fiction and films
ACAP's Senior Lecturer and criminologist, Matthew Thurgood shares his top 10 must read/see crime fiction and film.
Group of four people sit around a table. Each one are raising one arm - there hands meet in the centre of table - high in the air. High five pose with four work colleagues. Management
Human-centric skills and the future of work
We reflect on what are human-centric skills and how to keep that at the centre of your workforce.
General ACAP
What is Imposter Syndrome and how to manage it
Imposter syndrome (IS) is a behavioural health phenomenon described as self-doubt of intellect, skills, or accomplishments.
Beatrice Waran, ACAP Valedictorian - Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy General ACAP
From refugee to role model: How Beatrice learned to help herself and others
As an eight-year-old African refugee struggling with self-identity, confidence and belief, Beatrice Waran would never have dreamed that she would find her voice and vocation two decades later...
A man stands in front of walkway in a densely populated city. Posters line the walkway and apartments are seen covering the hillside behind. Applied Psychology
Empowering lives: Inside the journey of a disability advocate and social worker
We speak to ACAP graduate, David Skidmore, a qualified social worker and advocate for the Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association (MDAA).
General ACAP
Settling Into Australia: Top Tips For International Students
Today, we’re giving our best advice for international students to help you settle into life in Australia as smoothly as possible. From attending ACAP student events and exploring your local area...
A group of people sit around a table - lounge area. Bookshelves and books in background. General ACAP
How to Become a Psychologist in Australia
Psychologists are experts in human behaviour who can help people change the way they think, feel, behave and react. They apply their knowledge of “psychology” (the scientific study of the mind and behaviour) to understand...
Woman sits in front of shelves of books. She has a clipboard and a pen and she is smiling at a woman (back to camera & foreground). Applied Psychology
ACAP’s free mental health clinics provide lifeline to over 1,000 people a year
ACAP's free psychology, social work and counselling services are making a positive difference to people across Australia. The ACAP clinics, which support over 1,000 clients a year...
Kangaroo looks on, standing on a beach, clear blue ocean and islands in the background. General ACAP
Deciding Where To Study In Australia: Sydney vs Melbourne
If you’re considering embarking on an international study journey Down Under, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “where should I study in Australia?” or “should I study in Sydn...
Lewis looking at camera with vines behind him Law & Justice
Beyond bars: Lewis inspires positive change among inmates
The positive impact of a correctional officer can extend beyond improving the lives of offenders; it can keep families and wider communities safe. Lewis Coluccio is an ACAP criminology...
General ACAP
Empowering tomorrow’s leaders: ACAP Associate Dean, Gina Saliba shares insights
As a former Western Sydney high school teacher for almost two decades, Gina Saliba’s career is one of transformation, where she’s now the Associate Dean...
Sean Dong looking at camera Law & Justice
ACAP's legal training provides Sean with the catalyst for success
Against Melbourne’s multicultural landscape, ProActive Legal Director and Senior Lawyer, Sean Dong, stands as a pillar of support for migrants looking to build new lives in this country...
Monica looking at camera, with Sydney skyline behind her Management
From homelessness to high-performance
From becoming homeless at a young age to forging a successful career mentoring female business leaders, ACAP graduate Monica shares her inspiring story.
Mahlia Scholz looking at camera and sitting in office Applied Psychology
Riverside therapy: Mahalia redefines counselling spaces for young minds
Mahalia Scholz is a Clinical Practice Lead at Centacare and has been running a private counselling practice for her clients, away from the traditional office settings. Read more.
Alex holding a pen looking at the camera Applied Psychology
Against all odds: Alex’s journey as a refugee to empowering students with disabilities
ACAP is proud to have remarkable employees like Academic Skills Advisor, Alex Iosjpe, whose resilience and triumph over adversity inspires stud...
Maria Won in blue suit looking at camera Applied Psychology
Maria’s inspiring career change from retail to social work
They say it is never too late to switch careers and follow your passions. ACAP graduate, Maria Won epitomises this notion. Having worked in retail at Sydney Airport for over 25 years and overco...
Stephanie Huang smiles at camera, with hand to face. Applied Psychology
From personal loss to professional healing: Stephanie's counselling story
ACAP Counselling graduate Stephanie is excelling in her dream career as a Family Therapist, thanks to her postgraduate studies in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Woman with cropped hair looks over her shoulder and at camera. Group of people in background appear to be sitting in a circle on chairs. General ACAP
How to love yourself
To love one another, we must first accept and love ourselves unconditionally. So, how do you practice self-love? Follow our tips to love yourself more.
Dr Mark Setch profile picture Management
Dr Mark Setch shares insights into global boom in coaching profession
Dr Mark Setch is ACAP's Coordinator for Undergraduate Coaching and one of only 40 master certified coaches in Australia. Dr Setch was recently presented with the Andrew Little...
A businessman with hands resting on hips facing a crossroads General ACAP
Update your qualifications or switch careers with ACAP
The common reasons people re-skill for a fresh career are boredom, stress, redundancy, job insecurity and feeling unappreciated at work. A desire to make a difference in the community...
Empower your thoughts with affirmations General ACAP
Empower your thoughts with affirmations
Affirmations have become a popular tool for self-improvement and personal growth. But what exactly are affirmations, and how can they benefit you?
Law & Justice
ACAP & the Law Institute of Victoria support First Nations law graduates
ACAP and the Law Institute of Victoria are proud to announce a new First Nations scholarship aimed at empowering and creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island...
Tammi Miller sitting in a chair with her new book. Applied Psychology
Journalist turned counsellor offers lifeline with debut book 'Paperback Therapy'
ACAP alumna Tammi Miller is set to release her debut book, Paperback Therapy in Newtown on 7 March. The book offers readers a beginner's guide...
Three people sit at table. One person with cropped hair, a curly haired person and a white haired person. They all smile at each other and sit at a table. Management
Strengthening Remote Work Connections
We share some tips to maintain connections with colleagues while working in remote roles.
ACAP GDLP Course Leader, Adam May portrait photo with quote to the left of the photo. Law & Justice
Lights, camera, legal practice!
Adam May seamlessly blends his wealth of experience in law, education, and entertainment to support students. Adam shared how ACAP’s practical legal training course, in partnership with the Law Institute of Victoria, is preparing...
A woman sitting in bed with a laptop and headphones on. General ACAP
Enhancing yourself through personal development goals
When you prioritise your personal development, you take back control of your life and steer it towards where you want it to go.
ACAP Orientation General ACAP
3 Reasons to Attend Your ACAP Orientation
Congratulations! You’re enrolled at ACAP and ready to start on your new career pathway or you’re expanding on your current career and qualifications. The paperwork is done, and now it’s time for your orientation before classes start...
Woman sitting at a board room with city scape in background, smiles and claps looking at man also clapping - but blurry and obscured in foreground. Applied Psychology
Charlotte takes special education teaching to new levels
The teaching profession is witnessing an unprecedented surge in educators leaving their roles. Charlotte was among those teachers who pondered a career shift, who, after a period of reflection...
Allegra Faery with her family on her wedding day Applied Psychology
Allegra's journey from dreamer to healer
Allegra Faery is an inspiring counselling student who has triumphed over life’s challenges to live her dream in the Northern Rivers. Allegra shared her journey studying the Bachelor of Counselling and making life-long frien...
Two people walking along a beach in Byron Bay at sunrise Applied Psychology
Study at ACAP Byron Bay with a $15k scholarship
ACAP Byron Bay have secured a limited number of $15,000 scholarships from the Australian Government for students to study counselling. The Destination Australia program funds eligible tertiary education providers like ACAP...
Woman climbs on rockface. She is wearing a harness, a large green rope is tied to her waist and carabiners are dangling from her belt. General ACAP
How reflecting can set you up for success
Researchers are increasingly recognising the importance of reflecting or reflection, as a tool to highlight achievements and successes of the past, and how doing this may positively impact our future.
ACAP's new accounting degree supports skills shortage and growing industry
ACAP's new Master of Professional Accounting degree not only equips aspiring accountants with a range of advanced knowledge and skills but does so at a time of exceptional opportunity, as the accounting profession is set to experience a 9.2% growth until 2026.
General ACAP
Change of heart, no problem! Just change your preferences
The change of preference period refers to times during the year when students have the opportunity to modify their university course preferences. There are a number of reasons why you may...
Developing Leadership Skills: A Roadmap to Success
Leadership is an art that can be learned and perfected over time. In the pursuit of understanding what leadership truly means and how to nurture it, many individuals find themselves at a...
Law & Justice
Will AI Replace Lawyers? 
The legal profession stands on the precipice of transformation, with artificial intelligence (AI) making significant inroads. In this age of technological progress, a prominent question arises: will AI eventually replace lawyers? In this article, we explore the...
Simone Thomson standing in front of Indigenous artwork General ACAP
ACAP reveals new Indigenous mural celebrating 40 years of excellence
On Friday 13 October, ACAP held a special unveiling of its new artwork, Tikilara – Spirit of Place. The mural, which forms as part of an...
General ACAP
ACAP annual conference offering collaboration and inspiration
Australia, 17 October 2023 – With less than two weeks before this year’s Annual Conference, ACAP is reminding all staff, students, alumni, professionals and partners to register for “an exciting...
Students outside on a picnic table, reading and writing in books General ACAP
ACAP extends student services with 24/7 academic support
From today all ACAP students will have access to around-the-clock feedback and study support through a new partnership with Studiosity. The service, which complements ACAP’s already...
A couple sits on a couch. A young child on a tablet is on the mans lap. A woman sits opposite on another couch. She is speaking and smiling and holds a clipboard and pen in her hand. General ACAP
Solution-Focused and Strength-Based Approaches in Social Work
In the realm of social work, two remarkable approaches have gained prominence for their ability to transform lives positively: the Solution-Focused Approach and the Strength-Based...
A hand holding two wooden blocks representing the letters E and Q for emotional intelligence General ACAP
The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
In the dynamic world of leadership, where decisions carry weight and relationships are paramount, a new measure of intelligence has emerged as a pivotal force in determining success. Enter emotional intelligence (EQ)...
A counsellor resting her hand on a clients shoulder during a therapy session General ACAP
The Complexity of Trauma
At its centre, trauma is a powerful force that affects us in various ways. Understanding Trauma requires looking at its physical side – how it affects the brain and body and what physiological symptoms and results it brings. At the same time, it also looks at the person...
A businessman with hands resting on hips facing a crossroads General ACAP
10 Tips for Career Changers
Are you feeling stuck in your current career and yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling? Embarking on a career change can be both exhilarating and daunting. Whether you’re shifting gears due to a change in interests, personal growth, or pursuing your...
Middle aged woman studying at home with books and a tablet in front of her General ACAP
6 Benefits of Studying as an Adult
If you’re someone who hasn’t set foot in a classroom in ages or if the idea of cracking open a textbook gives you a mix of excitement and jitters, hang on. Delving into higher education might seem daunting, especially if it’s been...
General ACAP
8 Mind-Shifting Books to Transform Your Thinking
Unleash your potential with 8 transformative books! Explore mindset shifts, happiness, stress mastery, motivation secrets, and interpersonal skills. Embark on a journey of growth and success....
A wooden male figure climbing wooden block stairs to represent conquering life's challenges General ACAP
How Coaches Empower Clients to Conquer Challenges
In today’s fast-paced world, you’ve probably heard the term “coaching” tossed around quite a bit. But let’s clear the air and get to the real deal of what coaching is all about. The Internation...
A female student holding a mobile phone listening to a podcast at her desk General ACAP
Feed Your Curiosity with These 5 Podcasts
At ACAP, our passion for human behaviour goes beyond the classroom – it’s a way of life! We’re excited to share our handpicked podcast list that will immerse you in the enthralling realms of psychology, counselling, social work...
Life After ACAP Alumni General ACAP
ACAP celebrates 40 years of excellence in higher education
Sydney, July 05,2023 - The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is proud to mark its 40th anniversary as a leading provider of practical higher education in Australia...
A programmer wearing a hoodie sitting in front of many laptops and computers General ACAP
Unmasking Cybercrime: The Dark Side of the Digital World
The digital age has brought immense benefits to our lives, revolutionising the way we communicate, learn, and conduct business. However, as with any powerful tool, there is a darker side...
General ACAP
6 Core Beliefs and Their Impact on Decision-Making
Do you believe your decisions are always based on logic and rationality? Think again. In a recent mini-class, Dr Daniel du Plooy (ACAP Senior Lecturer, Psychological Sciences) explored how our decision-making processes...
General ACAP
Discover Your Purpose With a Meaningful Career Change
Considering a career change? Explore self-discovery exercises, ideal workday design, and the fulfilling world of the helping professions. Learn about transferable skills, educational...
ACAP campus in Melbourne's CBD General ACAP
ACAP Melbourne has moved to a brand new campus!
ACAP Melbourne has moved from Flinders Street to Bourke Street in the heart of the CBD. Smack in the middle of the retail centre and surrounded by cafes and restaurants, there’s plenty to keep students busy (and fed) in between study sessions.
Single figure of man on hill side looking out. One lone tree in background. Little to no grass or trees on the land. Dry. Arid. Man wears a checkered collared shirt and old farming hat Applied Psychology
Natural disasters and affects on mental health
In 2023, the Climate Council conducted a research study which revealed the long-lasting impact of natural disasters on the mental health of Australians, particularly those in rural communities.
Applied Psychology
Aimee's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Aimee completed her Post Graduate Diploma of Psychological Sciences at ACAP and has since gone on to become a psychologist and co-director in a private practice, health company. We interviewed Aimee to learn more...
Tammy's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story Applied Psychology
Tammy's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Tammy completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science at ACAP and has since gone on to become a provisional psychologist and mental health clinician. We interviewed Tammy to learn more about her career since graduating...
Tammy's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story Applied Psychology
Lisa's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Lisa completed a Bachelor of Counselling at ACAP and has since gone on to open her own private counselling practice. We interviewed Lisa to learn more about her career since graduating...
ACAP Announces new Adelaide Campus General ACAP
ACAP Announces new Adelaide Campus
ACAP Announces new Adelaide Campus. Located centrally at 15-19 Franklin Street, Adelaide, the new campus will open in February 2023 as part of ACAP’s 40th year celebrations and continues a strong legacy...
AI and the legal profession: the changing face of legal practice Law & Justice
LIV and ACAP launch the PLT that opens doors to the legal profession
The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) and the Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) have combined their expertise in the legal and education sectors to launch a new industry-led...
ACAP celebrates 2022 graduations General ACAP
ACAP celebrates 2022 graduations
​It is with great pleasure that throughout May we were able to honour a total of 334 ACAP graduates in beautiful ceremonies across the East Coast! The first of our 2022 ceremonies took place in Sydney...
Beautiful view of Byron Bay General ACAP
ACAP Byron Bay profile: Scott
We spoke to Scott about his journey as an ACAP student. Drawn to counselling through personal experiences that proved to him the power of connection, Scott enjoys ACAP Byron’s tight-knit community of like-minded students...
Person holding the LGBTQI+ flag with the trans flag colours in their hair Applied Psychology
Psychology clinic recognised for outstanding achievements in LGBTQ+ inclusion
The ACAP Psychology Clinic was awarded a Bronze Service Provider at the Australian Pride in Health + Wellbeing Awards held last week...
Group of people with arms around each other Applied Psychology
World Social Work Day - Haidee Hicks
To celebrate World Social Work Day we interviewed some of our Social Work academics about the social work profession and this year’s theme: ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’...
Group of people with arms around each other Applied Psychology
World Social Work Day - Christine Borg
To celebrate World Social Work Day we interviewed some of our Social Work academics about the social work profession and this year’s theme: ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’...
Group of people with arms around each other Applied Psychology
World Social Work Day - Cath Millen
To celebrate World Social Work Day we interviewed some of our Social Work academics about the social work profession and this year’s theme: ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’...
Group of people standing and talking on the street. Applied Psychology
Visa fee refund for international students
The Australian Government has announced that all international students travelling to the country over the next eight weeks, commencing Wednesday 19 January 2022, will be entitled to a refund of their...
Close up of man and woman facing each other. Management
Up to 3.4 million Australian workers say they dislike their manager
As millions prepare to return to the office next year, a new nationally representative survey of Australian workers has found that two in three managers and bosses are perceived...
A hidden man holding a white mask. General ACAP
Do Australian organisations really make it OK to bring your whole self to work?
One in two Australian workers are guarding their whole selves at work and half of workers feel lip service is being paid to their mental health. Since COVID, employees have increasingly weighed...
A woman leading a discussion at a table. Management
ACAP Graduate Coaching Program awarded Gold Standard ICF accreditation
The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) has been awarded the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation for its excellence in coaching education...
Image of a woman sitting at an empty office. Management
ACAP launches human-centred MBA program
The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is launching an innovative online MBA program with one-to-one coaching and leadership profiling tools to help students from diverse backgrounds transform...
A woman smiling with her chin resting on the palm of her hand. Applied Psychology
ACAP rebrands to ‘Australian College of Applied Professions’
Driven by evolving industry and student needs, ACAP extends its unique brand of human-centred education into new fields of professional training and accreditation...
Two people sitting in the hall General ACAP
ACAP announces new campus for Byron Bay
The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) is expanding its footprint to meet increased demand for training in human services, opening a new Byron Bay campus this February. The ACAP Byron Bay campus will offer...
A man sitting at a table in a library. General ACAP
ACAP recognises outstanding teaching with the Andrew Little teaching award
Dr Vincent Mancini was awarded ACAP’s most recent Andrew Little Teaching Excellence Award for his approach to teaching that influenc...
Lady at industry event General ACAP
ACAP announces inaugural 'Get Equipped' speaker series 2021
In the four-part series, ACAP shares insights and techniques to help individuals better understand themselves and others so they can be equipped to deal with anything 2021...
The tapestry of mental health in higher education webinar series General ACAP
ACAP graduation ceremonies 2020 style
It’s proving to be a happy end to the year at ACAP. We feel so privileged to have been able to recognise the wonderful achievements of both our Adelaide and Brisbane campus graduates in graduation ceremonies that felt...
A woman in bed while watching something on a tablet. Applied Psychology
Are mental health practitioners embracing Telehealth?
A new study conducted by Associate Professor Vikki Knott from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) reveals the attitudes of Australian psychologists towards...
Psychology Clinic General ACAP
Students benefit from innovative partnership during COVID-19
Through their established arrangement, ACAP student placement counsellors provide counselling and wellbeing services to the students at SAE Australia. Under the supervision...
Three people happily discuss something at a library. Applied Psychology
The tapestry of mental health in higher education webinar series
Taking place across 2021-2022, the Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Collaboration will explore ‘the tapestry of mental health in higher education across four webinars....
Exploring Mental Health in Higher Education Applied Psychology
Exploring Mental Health in Higher Education
The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) together with James Cook University, will host a series of webinars discussing mental health in higher education. During ‘The Tapestry of Mental Health in Higher Education’...
Referrals Appointments Fees Applied Psychology
ACAP offers increased spaces to affordable public psychology clinic
ACAP has announced that additional spaces to their affordable psychology clinic are being made available to the public, in Sydney. The push to open up more spaces comes as mental health issues and concerns...
ACAP student raises awareness for rare auto-immune condition Applied Psychology
ACAP student raises awareness for rare auto-immune condition
ACAP Psychological Science student, Tory Gill, is bringing awareness to a rare auto-immune condition in support of Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month and her late father, Jeff Gill...
A woman sitting in bed with a laptop and headphones on. Applied Psychology
The Tapestry of Mental Health in Higher Education webinar series – students
The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) together with James Cook University recently hosted the second in its webinar series ‘The Tapestry of Mental Health in Higher...

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