Tammy’s Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story

Tammy's Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Tammy completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science at ACAP and has since gone on to become a provisional psychologist and mental health clinician. We interviewed Tammy to learn more about her career since graduating, her experience studying at ACAP and her advice to incoming students.

Is your current employment related to your qualification from ACAP? 

Yes, my employment is directly related to my studies at ACAP. I work 4 days a week as a provisional psychologist at Danila Dilba Health Services.  It’s an amazing job which I absolutely love. I also work as a mental health clinician on weekends at the Darwin Private Hospital, in the mental health facility. I thoroughly enjoy this role. I would have neither job without my study. 

Did your studies at ACAP help you secure your current employment?  

Most definitely. The qualification from ACAP is what was required to do both roles. 

What is your job now? Tell us a bit about your day to day   

As a provisional psychologist, I am responsible for helping Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people work through their problems and concerns.  I see a number of clients each day, and together and collaboratively we work through the presenting issues and anything deeper that becomes apparent. I have Aboriginal heritage and was raised in an aboriginal community, so I am grateful to be able to work with ‘mob’.   

At the weekend, I work at a Private Hospital and I am involved in group work.  I’m engaged in small groups providing therapeutic, fun and leisure activities to help individuals learn how to manage their mental health issues. Both roles are extremely rewarding. 

Why did you choose ACAP as your study partner?  

My friend was doing a Bachelor of Counselling with ACAP and she had nothing but positive feedback about the College.  I had already completed a degree in Justice Studies back in 1997 and wanted to do the graduate diploma in Psychology and not the entire degree.  

My local University told me that I couldn’t do this because my first degree was more than ten years old.  This did not seem correct, so I called ACAP. They advised me that I could do 4 subjects of the graduate certificate, and then move into the graduate diploma, and then honours if I was successful.  This is exactly what I did.   

Right from the first contact with ACAP, they have been helpful and supportive. 

What resources did you find most useful?  

I found the online classes and learning amazing.  I felt part of a class and enjoyed it much more than my first degree where I attended the campus.  Online learning for me was the best, due to flexibility and inclusiveness. 

What did you love most about studying at ACAP? 

I would say the confidence I had leaving the safety of the ‘college classroom’ and into the field.  Additionally, I have made some lifelong friends over the course of my study with ACAP, and I even stay in touch with some of the lecturers.  When I have exciting news, I often share it with my old educators. 

What’s your advice to incoming students?  

Do not panic at any stage.  The lecturers are there and are very supportive and knowledgeable. At the start of each trimester when the assignment and/or exam lists come out, it can feel overwhelming. Truly it’s never as bad as it seems. You’ve got this, just keep moving forward and eventually you will come to the end and have your degree and a brilliant job as a reward. That has been my experience at least. All the best! 

"I found the online classes and learning amazing. I felt part of a class and enjoyed it much more than my first degree where I attended the campus. Online learning for me was the best due to flexibility and inclusiveness. "

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