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Personalisation makes the course and enhances learning. As a result I’ve done so much better at ACAP – both personally and academically. The lecturers are relatable, honest and supportive of leading you in the right direction. Michelle, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science
I was drawn to studying at ACAP because of my interest in helping and understanding people. I had previously studied Economics and Law. The best thing about ACAP is that it's flexible, inclusive and supportive. George, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science
ACAP staff have continued to motivate me throughout my academic career, and key ACAP lecturers inspired me to study an Honours degree. They are world-class. Monique, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Classes at ACAP have a personal touch. I am able to express my opinions and grow through my teachers’ life experiences and constructive support. Cliff, Bachelor of Social Work
At ACAP I have benefited from so many valuable experiences. I feel that there is a genuine involvement with student learning which has helped me on my way to achieve my goal of a Clinical Psychology Masters. Kareem, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
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The reason why I picked ACAP was because I wanted to get hands-on experience in Case Management. I was even lucky enough to be offered a job as a Case Manager for a high-profile not-for-profit organisation, only 6 months into studying at ACAP. Raxana, Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)
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As a mature age student I find the interaction and experience between students and teachers invaluable. It’s a very balanced program between hands-on interaction and academic content. Studying at ACAP has been very fulfilling and productive, I couldn’t have chosen a better college. Johan, Graduate Diploma of Counselling
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I have been very fortunate to be taught by such amazing teachers at ACAP. Their teaching is very authentic, interactive, challenging and educational. Each educator has impacted on my ACAP experience in a way that has helped me gain more awareness on myself as both a person and a counsellor. Thilini, Graduate Diploma of Counselling
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As an international student, I was overwhelmed when I first started at ACAP but the support from staff made the academic journey comfortable. The practical learning environment with continuous support has unquestionably made me well equipped to develop my career in social work. Kalpana, Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
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Having come from Zimbabwe, ACAP’s small classes appealed to me and I felt that everyone was accepted here. I graduated from my Bachelor degree and decided to continue my studies, to learn more about the mind! I got a lot of insight from my student placements and hope to one day open my own practice, specialising in rehabilitation or therapy. Isaac, Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Grad Dip of Psych Science
Three people happily discuss something at a library.
The big thing for me at ACAP is that age is not a barrier, it’s how much you enjoy and appreciate what you’re doing that makes you a success. Before I began my studies, I was a volunteer counsellor for Lifeline. I’m now a paid employee. If you’re interested in the human condition, this is the place to be. My diploma activated parts of my brain I hadn’t used for 30 or 40 years. And that is incredibly satisfying. James, Bachelor of Psychological Science, Diploma of Counselling
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As a teenager, I had a few family members experience post-natal depression. My interest in counselling grew from wanting to understand their experience, and how to support others who may be experiencing mental health difficulties. Being face-to-face with clients and implementing treatment during my placement, gave me a true insight into what employment in the field would be like. I can’t emphasise enough how important these practices are. Sarah, Graduate Diploma of Counselling
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