Bachelor of Counselling

Bachelor of Counselling

Bachelor of Counselling

Understand human connections. Lead a successful career in counselling
3 Years Full Time
CRICOS Code: 0101646
Australian Qualification Framework: 7
Available at
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane*, Perth*, Byron Bay*, Adelaide*
Study modes
Industry work placement
This course includes 200 hours experience in a professional placement, with 40 hours of face-to-face client counselling. This placement is linked with two clinical supervision units over two consecutive trimesters. This course also includes 90 hours of volunteering which is completed before placement in the final year, and 50 hours of a service learning project in a community group as part of a core unit.
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Be intrigued by the human mind

Bachelor of Psychological Science


The Bachelor of Counselling provides students with a comprehensive and flexible approach to theoretical, experiential, and skills-based learning. Students will learn strategies to successfully explore a career in contemporary counselling, including how to support individuals, couples, families, or groups, considering the cultural and social-political context in which they live and how this may affect them. The course is delivered in small group environments on-campus, online and by blended delivery (nine counselling units) by well-qualified and experienced academic teachers using quality curriculum.

This course is accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

This course has been accredited by the Navitas Professional Institute (NPI) under its self-accrediting authority.

*This course is not available to international students on campus in Perth, Brisbane, Byron Bay or Adelaide.

inTERESTED IN Coaching?

Students may elect to complete a Bachelor of Counselling qualification with a minor in Coaching. This sequence of the Bachelor of Counselling course is accredited by PACFA and ICF (130.5 hours of accredited training – ICF Level 2).


This optional sequence is designed to provide an introduction to the theories and applications of coaching across a number of contexts. Students undertaking this minor are introduced to the most current, evidence-based theories and techniques to facilitate change in their clients. The coaching methodologies covered in these units draw from a range of disciplines which specialise in change, growth and transformation, including neuroscience and positive psychology.


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Coaching Team

In addition to the rich interactive classroom experience, students who complete this minor receive Mentor Coaching from experienced coaches who hold either a Master Certified Coach (MCC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. Our accredited coaching team includes:


  • Course Coordinator, (Director of Education): Mark Setch MCC
  • Teaching team:
    • Zsofia Juhasz MCC
    • Sarit Vandegraaff PCC
    • Slaven Drinovac PCC
    • Bernadette Crompton PCC
    • Campbell Forsyth PCC
Bachelor of Psychological Science

What you'll learn

Expertise in human behaviour forms the foundation of all our courses including our Bachelor of Counselling.


Professional Reflection and Self-Care
Mental Health and Wellness
Trauma Informed Counselling Practices
Counselling Skills Training
Counselling Theory
Grief and Loss Counselling
Lifespan Development
Counselling and Neuroscience
Family and Relationship Counselling
Counselling Children and Youth

Course structure

This course is made up of 24 units, which are level 100, 200 and 300 units.

The course duration is 3 years full time or up to 8 years part time. For more information on the recommended course sequence click here.

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Minor in Coaching optional sequence

Students may elect to complete a Bachelor of Counselling qualification with a minor in Coaching. Students completing this option complete four dedicated Coaching units – COUN2281, COUN3281, COUN3291 and COUN3331 – which replace three core Counselling units and one elective unit in the Bachelor of Counselling. Click here to view the Bachelor of Counselling (minor in Coaching) sequence unit information.


Graduates are employment-ready reflective practitioners who are capable of making significant contributions as counsellors to the community and in the workplace. Students who progress their studies after successful completion of the Bachelor’s course go on to study our Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Shaping the next generation of counsellors

ACAP supported me and understood my fears so I was able to prove to myself I can study again as an adult. Each teacher brings a wealth of experience and passion in creating the next generation of professional counsellors.

Bachelor of Counselling

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