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Learning Modes


We understand not everyone is city-based. We also appreciate you might need to work full-time or have other personal commitments. We’re flexible with how you learn. We want to see you enjoy your studies and excel.

1. On campus

Attend classes in person at our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide campuses. You will also be able to attend classes in the Perth campus in 2020. If you choose this option, it means attending one 3-hour class per week per subject. Studying on campus is a rewarding and interactive experience where you benefit from immediate feedback, hands-on know-how and peer support, too.

2. Online learning

Study anywhere, anytime. No matter how remote your address may be or what your crazy study hours are, we’re here for you. Most subjects have an equivalent online class space with a dedicated teacher, all course materials readily available, a discussion forum to help you explore topics further, live news and announcements, student profiles and assessment drop boxes for ongoing feedback. All you need is a computer and the internet.

3. Blended learning

This is a combination of face-to-face classes and online learning, giving you the flexibility to suit your lifestyle while ensuring you get the practical experience necessary. You can select different modes of study for different subjects, and change your balance of live and online classes every trimester. A truly supportive way to help you achieve.

Every course is different, so check the details of the course you’re interested in to see what learning modes are available.

Remember, some subjects like our counselling streams require face-to-face classes to be industry compliant. Giving you the practical skills necessary so you can register and practice legally. This is where our blended learning options come in. Often you can complete these practical classes on campus over two full days each semester, usually a Friday and Saturday.