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ACAP Graduate Attributes

Helping students become well-rounded humans is a primary goal for the ACAP team. Through study and professional interactions, ACAP graduates are expected to possess certain qualities. There are 9 of these defined qualities, which are called the ACAP Graduate Attributes:


  • COMMUNICATE: Apply effective communication skills with others in diverse contexts and through multiple modalities
  • SUSTAIN: Sustain an intentional commitment to maintain currency and further develop knowledge and skills over their lifetime
  • THINK: Apply critical, creative and flexible thinking to contribute and respond constructively across diverse settings
  • ENGAGE: Engage effectively with contemporary and traditional knowledges across multiple contexts
  • WELLBEING: Utilise skills and knowhow to maintain resilience, personal and professional wellbeing when responding to challenges and opportunities
  • EQUALITY: Enact inclusive practices that deliver social justice and equality of opportunity
  • INTEGRITY: Apply integrity and ethical standards to study, research and practice
  • COMMUNITY: Use teamwork and leadership knowledge and skills to advance teams, groups and communities
  • GLOBAL: Apply culturally sensitive professional knowledge and skills to contribute to a sustainable global future


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