linking industry and academia

Research at ACAP

linking industry and academia

Research at ACAP

“Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”
- Albert Szent-Györgyi

Research at ACAP

ACAP facilitates impactful research that links academic and industry partners. Researchers and consultants in the network lead teams that undertake real world collaborations that have demonstrable benefits for the community.


ACAP Conferences


about our conferences

ACAP seeks to foster a vibrant, diverse and supportive research environment and a learning ecosystem that is informed by it. Quality research and quality teaching are complementary and are distinguishing features of learning cultures in higher education. Our annual conference offers an opportunity to showcase our research and the partners we work with, as well as be inspired by the research and scholarship of our keynote speakers. ACAP has a proud history of educating students with skills for making a difference, and the conference aims to bring together the ACAP learning community including students, academics and teaching staff, together with managers, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers from the broader community.



Research for Student Research Info

Student Research

ACAP students in some advanced degrees are required to complete a significant piece of independent scholarly research as part of their learning. These research projects aim to contribute new and meaningful knowledge to a range of topical areas. Once approved, a list of current research projects being conducted by ACAP students will be available on this page. In addition to information about each project, there is also a link to enable participation. All approved projects have been reviewed both for scientific merit and to ensure that ethical standards are met.

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