Conference 2022

2022 Conference: Possibilities Unlocked


2022 Conference: Possibilities Unlocked

Friday 4 November 2022

Possibilities Unlocked:

Advancing Student Health, Wellbeing, and Engagement

ACAP seeks to foster a vibrant, diverse, and supportive research environment and a learning ecosystem that is informed by scholarship. Quality research and quality teaching are complementary and are distinguishing features of learning cultures in higher education. Our annual conference offers an opportunity to showcase our research and the partners we collaborate with, as well as be inspired by the research and scholarship of our keynote speakers. ACAP has a proud history of educating students with skills for making a difference, and the conference aims to bring together the ACAP learning community including students, academics, managers, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers from the broader community.

welcome to the 2022 conference

This year’s conference is the first since 2019 to provide the opportunity for face-to-face interaction. The conference will adopt a hybrid format. Presentations will be delivered both online and live from the Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane campuses. Registrants will have the option of attending at an ACAP campus, which will include networking and social events, or online. I’m sure that many of you are looking forward to meeting together for an on-campus event.

This year’s conference theme focuses on the student experience. As higher education emerges from the pandemic, student health, wellbeing, and engagement will be of primary importance for all higher education providers.

We will also hear from some of our top performing research students and academics, including recipients of recent grants and prizes. In addition to the keynote addresses and individual research presentations, we will also be offering a research showcase made up of shorter presentations in the style of the popular “3-minute thesis”.

All ACAP staff, students, alumni, and partners are warmly invited to participate in what we are certain will be an exciting showcase of ACAP’s research and scholarship.

Event Details
Time & date
  • Friday 4 November 2022
Location & venue
  • On campus and online
  • Live presentations from the Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne campuses.
  • Other presentations online.
  • Networking and social events on each campus.
Additional Details
  • 24 June: Call for abstracts opens
  • 6 July: Registration opens
  • 5 August: Deadline for abstract submissions
  • 19 August: Full program released
  • 19 August: Deadline for Research Showcase submissions
  • 4 November: Conference


Keynote Speakers

Professor Annie Venville
Sustaining your professional career: Body and soul

Professor Annie Venville is Chair of Social Work at ACAP. She is an experienced social work practitioner, academic leader, educator, and researcher. Over the course of her career she has established a reputation for innovation and collaboration, across the government, non-government, health, and education sectors.


She is known for her ability to lead high functioning teams, develop effective and robust relationships with colleagues and industry partners, and facilitate cross sector/faculty teaching and research partnerships. Annie’s grant and publication record profiles successful research partnerships exploring issues related to mental health, education, participation and social justice.


Sustaining your professional career: Body and soul

Most new graduates are hopeful that they will have a long and productive career- and many do. However, sustaining a professional career may be one of the most rewarding or most challenging things we do in life. Annie suggests that it is both these things.
In this keynote address, Annie reflects upon a long and sustained career in social work practice and education. She shares with you some of the most powerful lessons she has learned along the way from people she has worked with. Like most things worth learning, some of these lessons were personally and professionally challenging. But all have been invaluable.


Associate Professor Jason Lodge
Engaging students in times of uncertainty, difficulty, and confusion


Associate Professor Jason Lodge is the Director of the Learning, Instruction, and Technology Lab in the School of Education and Deputy Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland. He has published over 100 refereed articles and is a national award-winning teacher.


Jason’s research with his team focuses on the cognitive, metacognitive, social, and emotional mechanisms of learning and development, primarily in post-secondary education and in digital learning environments.


Engaging students in times of uncertainty, difficulty, and confusion

There is a long history of distance and technology-mediated learning in higher education prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the last three years have seen an explosion in online and flexible learning. With the increased use of technology have come issues with student engagement and the student experience. National data suggests students are anxious and do not feel as connected with peers, with their studies, or with their higher education provider as has previously been the case. Technology affords possibilities for greatly enhanced flexibility but are these emerging issues the costs of this flexibility? In this presentation, I will discuss the factors underpinning the emerging issues with student engagement and the student experience and work through some possibilities for helping students to reconnect in uncertain, difficult, and confusing times.


Online learning

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