Get equipped for criminology



Discover how you can make a difference in society by understanding criminal behaviour.

If you can see why injustice needs righting, you can start with how. Study Criminology.

Get equipped for criminology

Criminology at ACAP

Studying criminology will give you an understanding of what drives criminal behaviour, how the justice system works and the impacts of crime.

Criminology courses at ACAP focus on applied skills to influence positive change and develop practical responses that can have a positive impact on criminal justice issues.

Potential Career and Salary

There is a constant demand for criminologists in public and private places. A degree in criminology opens the door to fascinating careers. Your work could take you inside the criminal mind to explore the thought processes that lead people to break the law. You can do it with ACAP’s help. Our accredited courses, strong industry connections, academic excellence and unrivalled student support means that you will graduate ready to take on the real world. Find out about typical occupations and salaries below, based on industry data.

Job Title/Average Salary Job Title/Average Salary
Border Force: $55,000- $70,000^ Court Registrar: $128,184*
Court Reporter: $52,500** Corrections Officer: $65,000- $80,000^
Community Support Worker: $55,000- $65,000^ Case Manager: $83,893~
Investigator: $95,000-$105,000~ Intelligence: $109,976*
Federal Police: $82,893~ Law Clerk: $60,000- $80,000^
Paralegal: $60,000- $80,000^ Parole Officer: $86,040~
Protection Officer: $75,000- $95,000^ Sheriff: $76,262*
State Police: $74,039* Youth Justice Worker: $60,000- $70,000^
Group of Students

Sectors to work in

There were 68,000 police in Australia in 2020. The number of workers has grown strongly over the past five years. This growth is expected to continue over the next five years and reach 73,200 by 2025.

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    Protective Services
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Data Sources For Indicated Salaries (sourced January 2023)

* Talent      **Payscale     ^ Seek           ~ Indeed           _ SalaryExpert

Flexible study modes

At ACAP we provide you with a range of flexible study choices including on campus and online study with the option to study full-time or part-time, depending on your chosen course. Whether you are combining your study with a full-time job, trying to balance your family life or hoping to further your education, we can help you reach your career goals.

  • On Campus

    Attend classes for a rewarding, interactive hands-on experience at one of our 6 campuses.

  • Online

    Study anywhere, anytime with our online classes including discussion forums.

  • Blended learning

    A combination of live classes and online learning for freedom and practical experience.

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We'll support you with funding options

Your fees may vary depending on your enrolment. Whether you're a self-funded domestic student, using a FEE-HELP loan or an international student, we have options to meet your needs.

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    Pay Upfront: Pay your tuition fees up front by direct debit, BPAY or credit card every trimester.
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    FEE-HELP: A Commonwealth Government loan to help pay for all or part of your higher education course fees.
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We'll help you succeed

Our understanding of human behaviour is reflected in the way you study with us. Smaller, interactive classes help you excel. ACAP is a place where we know you by name and you’re not shy to speak up and discuss ideas, role-play and support peers. It's a place where your passion for learning is mirrored equally by our passion for experiential teaching, and where we give you the encouragement and one-on-one support to help you learn and grow.

We’re outcomes-focused, meaning it’s not just about what you learn when you’re with us, but what you’re capable of when you graduate. Our practical approach arms you with hours of real-world interaction and insight, and professional connections. You'll graduate with applied skills, hands-on confidence, and contemporary expertise that is industry recognised and highly sought-after.


We are committed to creating a people centred college that supports and promotes Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for all.

This philosophy and policy is a work in progress and is brought to you by ACAP’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group (a mix of ACAP students and staff).

We are working towards a college culture where every voice is heard and respected. Where you have freedom from discrimination and harassment, and feel supported, valued and included.

If you have questions or any ideas and suggestions on how we can improve, we would love to hear from you and always value feedback.

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