research at ACAP

Research Team

research at ACAP

Research Team

Quality teaching and quality research go hand in hand.


The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) believes that quality research and quality teaching are complementary, and are distinguishing features of learning cultures in higher education.

In this way, the relationship between teaching, scholarship and research work together to foster an environment of independent thought and critical reflection. Our team of experienced academics and industry professionals share a commitment to practical learning. We provide a distinctive educational experience based on hands-on experience with a strong grounding in theory. Meet our senior staff and faculty.


ACAP seeks to foster a vibrant, diverse and supportive research environment. In line with this vision, ACAP’s research goals are to:

  • encourage an active higher education research culture,
  • provide research training to academics, professionals and graduate students,
  • raise the public research profile of the College,
  • promote interdisciplinary research groups within the College,
  • assist new researchers to establish a research record,
  • develop research partnerships with other institutions, and
  • increase income from research funding bodies.
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