ACAP announces inaugural ‘Get Equipped’ speaker series 2021

Madeline Neeson
By Madeline Neeson Content & Public Relations Adviser
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ACAP has announced its inaugural ‘Get Equipped’ speaker series for 2021.

In the four-part series, ACAP shares insights and techniques to help individuals better understand themselves and others so they can be equipped to deal with anything 2021 might have in store.

Delivered in the spirit of giving back, senior ACAP academics and leaders in the field of Psychology, Counselling and Coaching, as well as the CEO of ACAP, will share valuable expert insights, tools and takeaways around understanding: Self, Others, Organisations and Management.

The four events will take place at Sydney Startup Hub on Thursdays throughout February respectively:

  • 4th February 2021 – SELF – Get equipped to improve your mental wealth.
  • 11th February 2021 – OTHERS – Get equipped to be your most authentic self and empower others.
  • 18th February 2021 – ORGANISATIONS – Get equipped to navigate the 4th industrial revolution.
  • 25th February 2021 – MANAGERS – Get equipped to lead in challenging times.

The first in the series ‘Get equipped to invest in your mental wealth’ took place on Thursday with keynote speakers and ACAP academics: Kathryn Nicholson-Perry and Jane Daisley-Snow.

ACAP’s Chief Executive Officer, George Garrop, said that ACAP is proud to deliver a series of insights in the spirit of giving back and contributing.

“What we learned in 2020 was that anything can happen and our assumptions about our lives were challenged over and over. Many people realised that taking better care of our environment and each other must be part of a more optimistic future. We have entered the Age of Contribution.

“As a college, ACAP is focussed on understanding human behaviour to make people’s experiences better. Our approach to education is as much about teaching life skills and empathy to work well with other people as it is about the subject matter.

“We are excited to highlight the talent of our educators and share some great self-help tools.”

The ‘Get Equipped’ series will also be available for viewing on the ACAP Facebook page the week after each event has taken place.

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