ACAP celebrates 40 years of excellence in higher education

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Sydney, July 12, 2023 – The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is proud to mark its 40th anniversary as a leading provider of practical higher education in Australia.

Renowned for its programs in Counselling, Psychology, and Social Work, ACAP has expanded its offerings to include highly effective courses in Criminology, Coaching, MBA, Practical Legal Training (GDLP), and a new Master of Information Technology.

Since its establishment in 1983 as the Australian College of Applied Psychology, ACAP has been committed to experiential learning, community focus, and study flexibility, setting itself apart from traditional institutions. ACAP’s vision has always revolved around graduating students who positively contribute to society.

Throughout a four-decade journey, ACAP has recently ventured into management and law, recognising the criticality of human skills across all industries. The college has witnessed remarkable growth, with the recent opening of a state-of-the-art campus in Adelaide and the upcoming launch of a collaborative-spaces campus in Melbourne CBD.

ACAP’s utilisation of psychology and people skills as management tools has led to the introduction of courses beyond human services. By integrating personal development into its education programs, ACAP equips graduates with practical skills that enable immediate application in their workplaces, setting them up for sustainable careers.

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"In our 40th year of delivering outstanding higher education, we are proud to have launched a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice with the Law Institute of Victoria, as well as a Master of Information Technology this month and very soon the ACAP Professional Year. It is a year of strengthening our reputation as an institution that prepares students for success beyond the classroom. By equipping graduates with emerging technical skills and the necessary tools and competencies, ACAP continues to shape the workforce of tomorrow" said George Garrop, ACAP CEO

With over 22,000 graduates and ten campuses across the country and online, ACAP offers flexible study options, intimate classes, and comprehensive support services to ensure students’ success. ACAP challenges the norms of traditional higher education, exploring new frontiers and delivering practical education that positively impacts the world.

As ACAP celebrates 40 years of educational excellence, it looks ahead to connect onshore international students to the ACAP Professional Year, staying true to its vision of providing real-world practical education to enhance employability.

About ACAP:
The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is a leading provider of exceptional higher education in Australia. With a focus on delivering programs in Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, Coaching, MBA, GDLP, MIT and the Professional Year Program, the College prepares graduates for successful careers by integrating personal development and real-world skills into its education programs. Over 40 years, ACAP has continued to shape the workforce of tomorrow.
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