a winning philosophy


a winning philosophy


40 Years and Growing

Celebrating 40 Years of Educational Excellence

In the ever-evolving graduate landscape where human skills and career sustainability are paramount, the
Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is celebrating 40 years of continuous growth and expansion.

As Australia’s foremost provider of Counselling, Psychology, and Social Work higher education, ACAP has not only sustained its position but also ventured into new territories, delivering highly effective courses in Criminology, Coaching, MBA, Practical Legal Training (GDLP), and recently launching a new Master of Information Technology.


The College was started in a small upstairs office, in the second half of 1983 on Broadway, Sydney, offering diplomas in counselling and psychotherapy as Australian College of Applied Psychology. ACAP’s unwavering commitment to experiential learning, community focus, and flexibility set it apart from traditional institutions, providing students with an alternative to the rigid academic environment of the time. From the outset, ACAP’s vision revolved around graduating students who would contribute positively to the community and make the world a better place.


Throughout a four-decade journey, ACAP has expanded beyond human services, venturing into management and law, recognising that human skills are critical across all industries. The college’s growth has been remarkable, with the establishment of multiple campuses nationwide, including the recent opening of a new state of the art campus in Adelaide, and a new collaborative-spaces campus in Melbourne’s CBD, to be officially launched in September.


ACAP’s foresight in utilising psychology and broader people skills as a management tool has led to the introduction of courses beyond human services. And by integrating personal development into its education programs, ACAP has made practical skills an integral part of the student toolkit, enabling  graduates to apply their knowledge immediately in their workplaces, producing the superior outcomes that set the college apart.




Australian College of Applied Psychology started in a small upstairs office on Broadway, Sydney, offering diplomas in counselling and psychotherapy

Four Decades of Growth

In 2004, ACAP achieved higher education provider status, and in 2006 it joined forces with Navitas, propelling it into a phase of rapid expansion.


In 2014, ACAP expanded its offerings to include accredited social work courses, gaining popularity among domestic and international students. The College’s dedication to excellence resulted in being awarded self-accrediting authority in 2017, granting  the ability to design new courses and adapt to changing needs. Additionally, ACAP integrated the Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) in 2018, incorporating criminology degrees into the curriculum and undergoing a strategic rebranding transformation to position the College for future growth.


Embracing a longer-term trajectory, ACAP changed its name to the Australian College of Applied Professions in 2021. The same year, it launched a management study area with a people-centric MBA program aimed at creating leaders for the new world. In 2022, ACAP further diversified its law and justice study area by partnering with the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) to offer the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.


Most recently in 2023, celebrating 40 years of success, ACAP launched the Master of Information Technology and will shortly be offering the ACAP Professional Year in its stable of applied and practical courses.


With over 22,000 graduates and ten campuses across the country and online, ACAP proudly combines flexible study options, smaller intimate classes and comprehensive support services to ensure students’ success. Challenging the norms of traditional higher education, ACAP continually explores new frontiers and remains committed to delivering practical education that positively impacts the world.

As ACAP celebrates 40 years of educational excellence, it forges ahead, soon to be connecting onshore international students to the ACAP Professional Year Program and staying true to its vision of providing real-world practical education to enhance employability.

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