Aimee’s Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story

Life After ACAP: Alumni Success Story
Aimee completed her Post Graduate Diploma of Psychological Sciences at ACAP and has since gone on to become a psychologist and co-director in a private practice, health company. We interviewed Aimee to learn more about her career since graduating, her experience studying at ACAP and her advice to incoming students.

Is your current employment related to your qualification from ACAP? 

Yes. I graduated with a Post graduate diploma of Psychological Sciences and I currently work as a psychologist. 

Did your studies at ACAP help you secure your current employment?  

Yes, I wouldn’t be in my current job without having completed my course at ACAP.  

What is your job now? Tell us a bit about your day to day   

I am a psychologist and co-director in a private practice, health company. My role is to develop and manage the psychological part of the company. I perform clinical interviews, assessments, and management of clients who are usually referred by GPs and other health professionals.  

As a psychologist, I talk to people and assist them. Although I see psychological conditions on a daily basis, I have developed a deep interest in autism or ASD and ADHD in children, adolescents, and in adults. I am also a neurofeedback specialist. 

Why did you choose ACAP as your study partner?  

I was a mature student when I thought about my second career as a psychologist. I enrolled with ACAP simply because of the very helpful student advisor I talked to on the phone. He was very professional and I was given all the useful information I needed. The questions I asked were answered thoughtfully and in a way which I thought were helpful for my circumstance. 

What resources did you find most useful?  

My lecturers were very knowledgeable in their own fields. The information was delivered both inperson as well as online, which I thought ACAP did really well, even before COVID-19. I found this blended approach to be the most beneficial for my lifestyle and way of learning. 

What did you love most about studying at ACAP? 

I really enjoyed my stay in ACAP. As a mature student, I like being given the freedom to handle my responsibilities and I like that there are quite a number of mature students who have similar goals and circumstances. As mentioned above, I like the blended approach of class attendance (in-person and/or online).  

What’s your advice to incoming students?  

Find your purpose in life. Know what you love to do, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you are good at. If psychology is something you’re considering, know that it’s a vocation. It is fulfilling and a worthy role for deep thinkers; it’s also a challenging one, so be ready, prepare well, and have courage. Also, don’t forget to relax, enjoy meeting people, give them respect, and be curious.  

You will be in front of people who are not at their best, so know how to help. Remind yourself that the best asset you have is being a human being who is also not perfect. So, be human. Everything I learned in the psychology course is useful no matter how mundane or trivial it may seem. Just take it on, make a habit of doing things well, and remember what you learned, so that when you’re in real practice, your hard work will serve you well. 

"As a mature student, I liked being given the freedom to handle my responsibilities and I liked that there were quite a number of mature students who had similar goals and circumstances."

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