International Students Conditions of Enrolment

If you are a Student Visa holder, there are some additional rules and responsibilities that you must be aware of when you are accepted to study at ACAP.
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Australia is up there as one of the best countries in the world to study in and ACAP is one of the most supportive educational environments you’ll find. Make friends for life, learn from some of the most dedicated teachers in the field and pave the way to a successful career - here, back home or somewhere new.

If you are a Student Visa holder, there are some additional rules and responsibilities that you must be aware of when you are accepted to study at ACAP. Please review all the information located below and in the various links. Please also ensure you have read and understood the policies, procedures and terms set out in the ACAP Student Resource Hub and click here to view ACAP’s general admission information. We hope to see you on campus soon.


  1. Your Letter of Offer (agreement) will list the fees you should pay i.e tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Cover and any other general charges levied by ACAP. All required fees must be paid in advance for each trimester.  
  2. The tuition fee per unit/subject for each course can be found on the fees and payments page. Fees are reviewed annually, any changes to the schedule of fees will be updated on the website as they become available. As a student of ACAP, please understand that you are liable for any changes to ACAP’s fees. 
  3. Fees are correct at the time of printing. ACAP reserves the right to vary its fees at any time.  
  4. Should it be necessary for you to repeat a unit/subject, the full unit/subject fee is payable.  
  5. Course fees only cover the cost of your tuition. 


If a student withdraws after the census date and requests a refund due to special circumstances, the request must be made in writing using the Application for Special Circumstances form available here.

The Application for Special Circumstances should be forwarded to the Campus Administration and should include all supporting documents as requested by Campus Administration. Where refunds are granted, students can request a statement showing how the refund amount was calculated. All refunds, if approved, will be transferred to the student within 4 weeks of receipt of the written request or can be kept as credit towards future enrolment.

In the event of the Department of Home Affairs refusing a student visa, all tuition fees received by the College are refunded in full. This excludes any enrolment or other administrative fees paid at enrolment. Any prepaid Overseas Student Health Cover may be fully or partially refunded. 


If the student visa grant is delayed, the student can defer course commencement to the following intake, and 100% of tuition fees received will be transferred towards that enrolment. If a student defers a program prior to the 30th day before commencement, the full amount paid will be held for a maximum period of one year and credited towards the student’s future re-enrolment within that period. Unfortunately we are not able to issue a refund. This form can be obtained by emailing [email protected].


If you have paid fees to ACAP and subsequently wish to withdraw your enrolment, you will be subject to the ACAP refund policy. Notification of withdrawal from your course need to be made in writing to ACAP via submission of an International Student Withdrawal from the Course Form to the Student Administration Department. This form can be obtained by emailing [email protected]or obtain the form directly here.


If you have a complaint, please refer to the College’s Student Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure available here.


  1. You are expected to attend all classes, undertake all assessment and examinations during your course, and abide by the rules and regulations of ACAP that are in force at any time.  
  2. ACAP may, by written notice, vary the conditions of enrolment as may be necessary to comply with any law, regulation or amendment thereof, of the Commonwealth of Australia or the States and Territories of Australia.  
  3. In the event of circumstances requiring urgent medical care and where it is not possible to contact the student’s parent/ guardian, ACAP is authorised as a matter of urgency to seek and provide appropriate medical care.  
  4. ACAP reserves the right to withdraw a course from offer at its discretion. If you are unable to enrol in (a) similar course(s) at ACAP and your enrolment is cancelled, any unspent course fees paid in advance will be refunded.  
  5. We highly recommend that you take time to read the useful information for students. You can find it here.
  6. Acceptance into an ACAP course is conditional upon your agreement to be bound to and to abide by the policies, procedures and terms, as updated from time to time.  
  7. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of and understand the College’s policies, procedures, rules and information supplied on the College website including: all charges associated with your intended studies and any known changes to these intended charges during your studies; the College’s credit arrangements policy, associated schedules and the process for applying for credit; the College’s policies on your making changes to, or withdrawal from, any course offer you receive and your course enrolment; and the College’s policies on tuition protection, refunds of charges, and course completion requirements – including criminal records and police and health checks, English language proficiency requirements and if applicable, work placement requirements.  
  8. You are aware it is also your responsibility to ensure you understand your potential eligibility for credit for prior learning before lodging a course application with the College. You are aware that studying with ACAP requires you to receive information electronically to your personal email address that you provide to the College and to a college specific email address assigned to you by ACAP.  
  9. Minimum English language requirements apply to course entry.  
  10. If you are granted Permanent Residency prior to the Census Date for a trimester you will be charged Domestic Student fees for that trimester provided you submit documentary evidence of your change of visa status. If you are granted Permanent Residency after the census date, you will be enrolled in the following trimester as a Domestic Student providing you submit documentary evidence of your change of visa status.  
  11. You are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework. Read more here.


  1. When you receive a student agreement and offer from ACAP you will be invited to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). You must have this cover for your enrolment to be completed. 
  2. You are required to complete your course within the duration specified in your Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). 
  3. Student visas are usually issued for the period of the course. Contact the Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection for full details of the length of student visas here. 
  4. ACAP may be required to report to the Australian Government any of its international students studying on a student visa who breach the conditions of their student visa. 
  5. While you are a student at ACAP, it is a condition of your student visa that you keep us informed of any changes to your residential and mailing addresses.  
  6. For full information on the conditions and requirements of studying on a student visa please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.


If you satisfactorily complete the pre-requisite course of a packaged program and have received a Confirmation of Enrolment from ACAP but choose not to enrol in the principle ACAP course, you will not receive a refund. If you fail to satisfactorily fulfil requirements and/ or conditions for admission to the offered course at ACAP (including failure to complete the pre-requisite course in a packaged program) and fail to gain admission to another ACAP course, you will receive a refund of 80 percent of partial payment upon written application.


Please refer to the College’s refund policy which can be viewed on the Policies and Procedures page.


Most international students require an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia. You can check your visa study entitlements on the Department of Home Affairs website. Please note, irrespective of your visa processing arrangement, in order to submit your completed application (via your agent or direct to ACAP admissions), you must wait until you have: received and returned your Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement back to ACAP Admissions, 

  • wait until you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by ACAP, before applying to the DHA for a student visa.  

For further details, refer to the Visa Arrangements for Study page of the ACAP international student website.


In order to study successfully at ACAP, it is important that you have a solid grasp of both written and spoken English. As such, if your secondary and/or tertiary education was undertaken in a language other than English, you will need to provide the results of a recognised English test by ACAP such as Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination or Test for English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) completed within the last two years. For ACAP to accept this as evidence of your competency in English instead of a recognised English language test, you need to have completed five or more years of consecutive study in Australia, or another country at an institution where English is the primary language of instruction. This study must have been completed no more than two years prior to your studies at ACAP. 


Equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) is a measure of a student’s study load. An EFTSL of 1.0 is the standard annual study load of a student undertaking a course on a full-time basis over the duration of a year. The annual EFTSL sum of a student’s subject/ unit enrolment provides an indication of the study load undertaken by the student in the year. The following is a summary of ACAP’s key policies applicable to your course enrolment. Further information can be viewed in the Policies, Forms and Fees section here.


If you are considering enrolling at ACAP you will need to contact our central Admissions Office.  
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