AccessAbility Disability Service

At ACAP we are committed to providing appropriate and reasonable adjustments to students with a disability or chronic health condition. If you have a disability, illness, injury, health condition, or neurodiversity that impacts on your academic studies, or if you care for someone in these circumstances, then you may be eligible to register with the Service.

AccessAbility provides reasonable adjustments so that students have an equal opportunity to successfully complete their studies. All reasonable adjustments must meet the inherent requirements of a course.

How to register for support with AccessAbility Disability Service

  1. Download and complete the AccessAbility Registration Form
  2. Fill in the form with the assistance of your health practitioner – A GP or specialist for health diagnoses and disabilities, or a psychologist, psychiatrist for neurodiversity, learning differences and mental health.
  3. Your health practitioner may suggest what supports would be appropriate for you in this form, and this information is used to work out the reasonable adjustments (supports) you receive. E.g., extra time for assessments and/or exams, ergonomic furniture etc.
  4. Collect any other supporting documentation.
  5. Email all information in the one email to [email protected]
  6. Once we receive your completed form and any other relevant documentation, we will work with you to provide practical, individualised supports that will assist you to succeed with your studies.


For enquiries, please email [email protected].

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