Research at ACAP

ACAP seeks to foster a vibrant, diverse and supportive research environment. Quality research and quality teaching are complementary, and are distinguishing features of learning cultures in higher education.

As an extension of the research function, ACAP hosts an annual conference to showcase educators and their research endeavours. This years’ conference is focusing on research with real impact, both in education and in the broader community. Keynote speakers include Professor Lindsay Oades (Director, The Center for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne), who has an extensive track record applying wellbeing principles to assist individuals, mental health systems, educational institutions and more, and Professor Jacqueline Cranney (University of New South Wales) who has been a leading light in undergraduate psychology education and the concept psychological literacy (the capacity to intentionally use psychology to achieve personal, professional and societal goals).

The 2019 conference will be held on Monday 28 October at the Australian College of Applied Psychology Melbourne campus, in the heart of one of the most frequently ranked ‘liveable’ cities in the world. Enjoy networking with colleagues, being inspired by educational and research innovation in our specialist fields of education, with the benefits of great coffee on the side!