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Counselling: What’s the buzz?

Do you enjoy listening and supporting others to live their best lives? Have you ever thought about how it would feel to build a career from your innate empathy and desire to help other people? If so, read on because counselling could be just the discipline for you to explore.

What exactly is counselling?

Counselling is a person-to-person process that helps people navigate life’s ups and downs (like stress, trauma, loss, addiction, to name a few). Counsellors work with individuals, couples, families or groups, and use their people skills, understanding and knowledge to help and guide them to a positive path.

Why study counselling?

As you can imagine, counselling can be an extremely rewarding career for the right person. If you’re a good listener and have a strong desire to help others, then you could have the makings of a successful counsellor.

Some of the benefits you could enjoy include:

E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD The reward of making a lasting difference in the lives of others
Your work will directly contribute to important changes in people’s lives and you’ll be witness to significant positive shifts in their journey.
E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD Being able to use your own experiences for good
Everybody has their own experiences in life, both positive and negative. As a counsellor, you’ll be able to use those experiences for the benefit of other people.
E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD Work-life balance
Most counsellors can work super flexible hours so you’ll be able to fit work in around the rest of your life – perfect when you have other commitments.
E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD Strong job prospects
Counsellors are in high demand. That demand is expected to continue to grow so you won’t need to worry about having a job.
E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD Variety and professional growth
There’s huge variety in the areas counsellors can work in (from private practice to schools to business), so you won’t get bored. There’s also plenty of opportunity for on-going professional development.

How can I find out about ACAP’s counselling courses?

Take a look at the counselling section on our website, or if you’d like a chat about studying counselling with us, our friendly course advisers can talk through your options. Give them a call on 1800 039 139 or send them a message.

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