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Student placement management system  

Students at the appropriate stage of their course in the Disciplines of Counselling, Social Work, Psychology, Criminology, Volunteering and VET will receive an email with their log in details when it is time for them to access Sonia Online and commence their preparation for volunteering or placement. Students will be contacted when they have completed their course pre-requisites for volunteering or student placement. 

The link to access Sonia can be found below. To log in, click on the link below, click on your discipline, i.e., 'ACAP Counselling, Social Work, Volunteering or VET' then use your Student Portal log in details. Full log in instructions are in FAQ's below.

Students who have received an email have met the pre-requisites and so will be able to log in to access information, volunteering and placement opportunities, and resources. Students who find they are unable to log in to Sonia may not have met the pre-requisites and should contact Student Placement Staff.

Link to Sonia Online

Frequently Asked Questions for Students:

  1. What is ‘SONIA’?
  2. What if I don’t receive my log in by email?
  3. Will ACAP find my volunteering opportunity or student placement for me?
  4. What happens after I get my log in?
  5. Where is the Sonia Link?
  6. What if I need help?


1.    What is ‘Sonia’?

SONIA is an online student placement management system popular with many universities in Australia and internationally for managing large numbers of student placements. Students, Volunteer Representatives, Agency Supervisors, ACAP Clinical Supervisors and staff log in directly to Sonia Online and complete many tasks and assessments, saving time and effort with no printing, signing or scanning of paperwork required.

2.     What if I don’t receive my log in by email?

Only Counselling, Social Work and VET students who have reached the appropriate stage of their course will be sent  log in details for SONIA. If you have not received your log in, you may not yet have completed enough units to be eligible to commence preparation for volunteering or student placement. Continue in your course and your email will arrive automatically when the time is right for you to begin preparing for volunteering or placement

3.   Will ACAP find my volunteering opportunity or student placement for me?

Volunteering: Students are provided with a list of suggested volunteering opportunities in Sonia. Students can approach any of these agencies, or independently source volunteering opportunities. It is the students responsibility to source their own volunteering opportunity.

Placement: Students will have the opportunity to apply for available placements each trimester when they complete an application and attend an ACAP placement interview. Please keep in mind that ACAP has done the best they can to provide a placement opportunity for every student - but this is very difficult in a competitive marketplace. Students will be competing with their fellow ACAP students as well as students from other universities. Therefore, students are encouraged to also search for their own placement that meets course requirements. Discuss this with your Student Placement Adviser.

Also keep in mind that placements are scarce and that in major cities it is expected that students would travel up to one hour each way to attend their placement. Once students have been matched to a placement, they must attend the interview as ACAP has done their very best to source a placement that fits each students interests and location. This is not always possible. Should a student decline an interview with an agency, they may be asked to commence their own search for placement.

4.    What happens after I get my log in?

Click on the Sonia Online link below. Click on your discipline - 'ACAP Counselling, Social Work, Volunteering or VET', select the 'Student' role, then log in with your usual Student Portal details.

Once logged in, click on the 'Volunteering Instructions' or 'Placement Instructions' tab in the menu bar, then the 'Details' button. Read and follow the step by step instructions provided. 

5.    Where is the Sonia Link?

The link to Sonia is Sonia Online.

Students who have met the pre-requisites for volunteering or placement are able to log in. Students who have not met the pre-requisites will not be able to log in and should contact student placement.

6.    What if I need help?

  • For assistance with accessing and navigating Sonia, or if you experience any issues with Sonia, contact the Placement team 


Sonia User Guides for Discipline of Counselling Students