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Please contact one of our course advisors on 1800 039 139 to discuss your options.
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*If offer details above are incorrect, or if you would like to make any changes, please contact our course advisors on 1800 039 139.

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What is your USI number?

A USI - Unique Student Identifier is a reference number that creates an online record of your training and qualifications attained in Australia. If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment.

From 1st of January 2021, all new students applying for Commonwealth Financial Assistance (VSL, HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP, SA-HELP) will need to provide their USI on their Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF or eCAF) prior to census date. This also includes all on-shore international students.

To create a new USI or find your existing USI please visit https://www.usi.gov.au/your-usi/create-usi.

If you would like ACAP to apply for a USI on your behalf you must authorise us to do so. By authorising us to apply for a USI on your behalf, you consent to us using and disclosing the personal information provided at enrolment for that purpose.

In accordance with section 11 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014, ACAP will securely destroy personal information which we collect from individuals solely for the purpose of applying for a USI on their behalf as soon as practicable after we have made the application or the information is no longer needed for that purpose.

I have not applied for a USI yet and hereby authorise ACAP to apply for a USI on my behalf, pursuant to sub-section 9(20) of the Student Identifiers Act 204.

I have read the USI Privacy Notice (available at www.usi.gov.au/documents/privacy-notice-when-rto-applies-their-behalf) and hereby consent to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of my personal information by the USI Office (which may include sensitive information) pursuant to the USI Privacy Notice, and NCVER policies, procedures and protocols published on NCVER’s website at www.ncver.edu.au.


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