Inherent Requirements


The statements below specify the course requirements of the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration for student admission and progression.


Inherent requirements domains

ACAP supports the rights of all people who wish to pursue further study to achieve their potential and career objectives. ACAP is committed to fostering a learning environment that empowers and supports the personal and professional development of our students. As part of this, we embrace diversity and endeavour to accommodate all students.


The Australian Human Rights Commission states inherent requirements, in the circumstances of each job, may include:


• The ability to perform tasks or functions which are a necessary part of the job productivity and quality requirements;
• The ability to work effectively in the team or other type of work organisation concerned; and
• The ability to work safely.


In assessing whether an adjustment to a unit or course in which a student is enrolled, or proposes to be enrolled, is reasonable, ACAP is entitled to maintain the academic requirements of the unit or course, and other requirements or components that are inherent in or essential to its nature (Disability Standards for Education). Further explanation of these and related concepts can be found in the Commonwealth and State legislation and at Employment and the Disability Discrimination Act.


Inherent requirements domains for the graduate diploma of business administration

There are three domains of inherent requirements in the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration.

  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • Cognition

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