Inherent Requirements



What is it like to do this course?

It may be helpful for you to understand a little about what it is like to complete Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. Further information about the course is available in on the course page and we recommend you familiarise yourself with the information there.


What about when I finish my course?

Successfully completing the course is one of three requirements for admission to the legal profession in accordance with the Legal Profession Uniform Admissions Rules.  If you are undertaking this course in order to gain a legal practising certificate you must satisfy The Victorian Legal Admissions Board that you have met the Rules; that is, you must have:

  • Attained the academic qualifications specified under the Rules
  • Satisfactorily completed the practical legal training requirements specified in the Rules
  • Be a fit and proper person to be admitted to the Australian legal profession.

For further information, see the Victorian Legal Admissions Board’s ‘Guide for Applicants for admission as an Australian Lawyer’.

Inherent requirement domains

There are three domains of inherent requirements in the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. Some domains have a number of sub-domains.

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Communication
  • Cognition

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