Counselling: A world of rewarding opportunity awaits

Are you a natural communicator who is patient, understanding and has empathy for the people around them? If so, you could have the makings of a good Counsellor. And right now, as counselling continues to be one of Australia’s highest growth sectors*, they’re needed more than ever. A career in counselling promises to be exciting and flexible, but most of all, it’s a deeply rewarding and worthwhile occupation that allows you to create meaningful change.

Would you like a career in counselling?

What does a Counsellor do?

Counsellors help people work on parts of life they find challenging or need guidance through. They give confidential support, information and therapy across a range of areas from mental health, violence and abuse to career concerns, relationships and parenting. They also use different strategies and techniques to improve their clients’ overall sense of wellbeing. Counsellors listen with empathy and build a rapport with their clients to help them make positive changes in their lives.

Where could a qualification in counselling lead you?

Where could a qualification in counselling lead you?

Our graduates tell us that one of the attractions of studying counselling is the range of opportunities available to them. Counsellors can work with all ages and across private, nonprofit or government agencies, including schools and health centres. Some Counsellors have their own private practice and may specialise in a particular area, like drug and alcohol, grief or careers guidance. Whichever path you choose, the career opportunities are promising.

Would you like a career in counselling?

Would you like a career in counselling?

If the thought of a counselling career inspires you, a qualification from ACAP can help smooth the way for you. And with a 30-year history specialising in human behaviour, we know our stuff. We’ve designed our courses to ensure they are industry-relevant, blending theory and practice, so you’re work-ready when you graduate.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Counselling courses for more information or call one of our friendly Course Advisers on 1800 039 139 to chat about your exciting options.


*Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2021, accessed 11 May 2021 


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