Dr Timothy Hsi

Dr Christopher Holt

Lecturer, Psychological Sciences


PhD and BSocSc (Hons), Australian Catholic University


Dr Christopher Holt joined ACAP in February 2018 as Lecturer. Prior to this, Chris was employed at Monash University as a Senior Research Supervisor for 4th year psychology students and Program Manager of the Monash Online - Psychology Education Division (MO-PED), where he conducted research to improve online learning, teaching, and support. Chris has also worked as a Research Fellow at the Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin Health where he coordinated research in the area of perinatal mental health. Chris completed his PhD at Australian Catholic University, examining the antecedents and outcomes of experiencing flow at work.

Research Interests

Chris’s research interests include:

1. Positive Psychology, particularly flow (optimal) experiences;

2. Organisational Psychology;

3. Learning and teaching in online environments;

4: Perinatal mental health; and

4. Scale development.

Research Grants

  • Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Learning & Teaching Research Grant Scheme 2017, Evaluating and expanding the usability and user satisfaction of the Monash Research Portal. Assoc. Prof. M. Mundy, Dr. S. McKenzie, Dr. C. J. Holt, Assoc. Prof. D. Ilic, Dr. A. Fitzgerad, Dr. F. Garivaldis, Ms. C. Roddy, Ms. J. Chung, & Mrs. D. Amiet, 2017-2018, $15,000.
  • Monash Education Academy Small Grant, Identifying the indicators of optimal student outcome in online education. Assoc. Prof. M. Mundy, Dr. F. Garivaldis, Ms. C. Roddy, Ms. J. Chung., & Dr. C. J. Holt, 2017-2018, $5,000.
  • Monash Education Academy Travel Grant, Monash Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology – Advanced (GDPA): Opportunities, Challenges, and Learnings. Dr. C. J. Holt, 2017, $2,000.
  • HCF Research Foundation, A low-cost accessible online cognitive behavioural therapy program that improves the mental well-being of women experiencing depression and/or anxiety during the perinatal period: Program development and evaluation in a randomised controlled trial. Prof. G. Andrews, Dr. H. Haskelberg, Dr. J. Newby, Prof. J. Milgrom, Dr. C. J. Holt, Prof. M-P. Austin, & Ms. E Black, 2016-2018, $199,523.40.
  • BUPA Health Foundation, Does treating maternal antenatal depression and anxiety prevent adverse infant neurodevelopmental outcomes at 24 months? Prof. J. Milgrom, Dr. C. Schembri, Dr. A. W. Gemmill, & Dr. C. J. Holt, 2012-2013, $110,000.

Research Supervision

  • Biason, J. (current). Flow Families: Maternal and paternal parenting styles that foster autotelic personalities (Honours thesis).
  • Caganoff, D. (current). Facets of flow and flourishing: The relationship between flow and wellbeing for music composers (Honours thesis).
  • Bosler, E. (2018). Are we content with ferments? A study on diet and mental health (Honours thesis).
  • Brannelly, S. (2018). Mindfulness activities: Online postgraduate psychology student’s experience of well-being and learning benefits (Honours thesis).
  • Culley, C. (2018). Living arrangements and psychological well-being (Honours thesis).
  • Lovegrove, P. J. (2018). This is not what I expected: Violated expectations and engagement in psychotherapy (Honours thesis).
  • Schroder, N. A. (2018). Psychological Hardiness as a moderator between perceived job stress and negative mental health outcomes of employees (Honours thesis).

Teaching Interests

Christopher has taught a range of units, including:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Lifespan Psychology
  • Behavioural Neuroscience


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Gemmill, A. W., Worotniuk, T. Holt, C. J., Skouteris, H., & Milgrom, J. (2013). Maternal Psychological Factors and Controlled Child Feeding Practices in Relation to Child Body Mass Index. Childhood Obesity, 9(4), 326-37.

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Milgrom, J., Holt, C. J., Gemmill, A. W., Ericksen, J., Leigh, B., Buist, A., & Schembri, C. (2011). Treating Postnatal Depressive Symptoms in Primary Care: A Randomised Controlled Trial of GP Management, with and without Adjunctive Counselling. BMC Psychiatry, 11, 95-103.

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