Dr Timothy Hsi

Dr Larissa Clarkson

Lecturer, Psychological Sciences


PhD and Bachelor Psychology (Hons) (University of Wollongong)


Dr Larissa Clarkson commenced at ACAP at the start of 2017. Prior to this, Larissa was a lecturer and Post-doctoral research fellow at the Appleton Institute at CQ University. Larissa completed her PhD at the University of Wollongong, examining the effects of phonological neighbourhood density on short-term working memory. Since then, Larissa has expanded her interests and employed her strong research and data analysis skills across a wide range of areas in psychology.

Research Interests

Larissa’s research interests fall into four general categories:

1. Memory and language

2. Sleep

3. Organisational culture

4. Human-animal relations

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  • Attard, K., Blunden, S., & Clarkson, L. (In Press). Sleep quality and quantity in Australian Indigenous children. Australian Aboriginal Studies.
  • Thompson, K. & Clarkson, L. (In Press). Too hot to trot? How horse owners in Australia have responded to major weather events. Rural Society.
  • Thompson, K., Clarkson, L., & Riley, C. (In Press). Horse keeping practices in Australia: Findings from a national online survey of horse owners. Australian Veterinary Journal.
  • Clarkson, L., Naweed, A., & Whale, J. (2017). The minority report: Hazard reporting in an Australian university. Work, 56(1), 91 – 97.
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  • Every, D., Bearman, C., Matthews, R., Reynolds, A., O’Donohue, P., & Clarkson, L. (2016). Contacts versus connectors: The role of Community Fire Safe Group coordinators in achieving positive bushfire safety outcomes. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 19, 390-398.
  • Thompson, K. & Clarkson, L. (2016). Views on equine-related research in Australia from the Australian equestrian community: perceived outputs and benefits. Australian Veterinary Journal, 94(4), 89-95.
  • Paterson, J. L., Clarkson, L., Rainbird, S., Etherton, H., & Blewett, V. (2015). Occupational fatigue and other health and safety issues for young Australian workers: An exploratory mixed methods study. Industrial Health, 53(3), 293
  • Smith, B., Thompson, K., Clarkson, L., & Dawson, D. (2014). The prevalence and implications of human-animal co-sleeping in an Australian sample. Anthrozoos, 27(4), 543-551.
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Research Supervision


1. Veronica Duthie

2. Roy Hamilton

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