Dr Larissa Clarkson

Lecturer, Psychological Sciences


PhD and Bachelor Psychology (Hons) (University of Wollongong)


Dr Larissa Clarkson commenced at ACAP at the start of 2017. Prior to this, Larissa was a lecturer and Post-doctoral research fellow at the Appleton Institute at CQ University. Larissa completed her PhD at the University of Wollongong, examining the effects of phonological neighbourhood density on short-term working memory. Since then, Larissa has expanded her interests and employed her strong research and data analysis skills across a wide range of areas in psychology.

Research Interests

Larissa’s research interests fall into four general categories:

1. Memory and language

2. Sleep

3. Organisational culture

4. Human-animal relations

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  • Attard, K., Blunden, S., & Clarkson, L. (In Press). Sleep quality and quantity in Australian Indigenous children. Australian Aboriginal Studies.
  • Thompson, K. & Clarkson, L. (In Press). Too hot to trot? How horse owners in Australia have responded to major weather events. Rural Society.
  • Thompson, K., Clarkson, L., & Riley, C. (In Press). Horse keeping practices in Australia: Findings from a national online survey of horse owners. Australian Veterinary Journal.
  • Clarkson, L., Naweed, A., & Whale, J. (2017). The minority report: Hazard reporting in an Australian university. Work, 56(1), 91 – 97.
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  • Every, D., Bearman, C., Matthews, R., Reynolds, A., O’Donohue, P., & Clarkson, L. (2016). Contacts versus connectors: The role of Community Fire Safe Group coordinators in achieving positive bushfire safety outcomes. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 19, 390-398.
  • Thompson, K. & Clarkson, L. (2016). Views on equine-related research in Australia from the Australian equestrian community: perceived outputs and benefits. Australian Veterinary Journal, 94(4), 89-95.
  • Paterson, J. L., Clarkson, L., Rainbird, S., Etherton, H., & Blewett, V. (2015). Occupational fatigue and other health and safety issues for young Australian workers: An exploratory mixed methods study. Industrial Health, 53(3), 293
  • Smith, B., Thompson, K., Clarkson, L., & Dawson, D. (2014). The prevalence and implications of human-animal co-sleeping in an Australian sample. Anthrozoos, 27(4), 543-551.
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Research Supervision


1. Veronica Duthie

2. Roy Hamilton

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