Dr Rumbidzai (Rumbi) Nyanhoto

Dr Rumbidzai (Rumbi) Nyanhoto

National Field Education Academic Lead in Social Work


PhD Social Work


Dr Rumbidzai Nyanhoto is the National Academic Lead in Field Education in the discipline of Social Work. She has extensive practice experience including clinical social work, family therapy and Child Protection. She is an educator and researcher in the field of Social Work. Her PhD in Social Work evaluated preventive family strengthening programmes and their impact on family cohesion. Rumbi’s publication record profiles peer reviewed journal articles exploring issues related to families and children, decolonisation of social work education and social justice.


• Manomano T., Nyanhoto R, Nhende M.M. (2020) Ensuring social inclusivity and healthy development for children
who assist visually impaired parents to beg on the streets of Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 10 (1) 78-72.
• Manomano T., Nyanhoto R. (2020). Radical Transformation, decolonization, and their implications for Social Work.
African Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (formerly Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict and Social Transformation), 9 (3),
• Manomano T, Nyanhoto R, Gutura P (2020). Prospects for and factors that militate against decolonizing education in
Social Work in South Africa. Critical and Radical Social Work
• Manomano T., Mujoko, R., & Kang’ethe S. M. (2015). “Taking Stock of South Africa’s Progress towards Mitigating
the Crime and Violence against Women”. Journal of Sociology Social Anthropology, 6 (3), 423-428.
• Manomano, T., & Mujoko, R. (2017). Growing old gracefully: Challenges faced by the elderly in rural communities.
Proceedings of the international conference on healthy ageing and mental health
• Manomano, T. & Nyanhoto, R. (2017) Radical transformation and its likely impact on the racial population groups of
South Africa. Social Dialogue online. International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW). Retrieved from
www.socialdialogue.online (17), 30-32. ISSN: ISSN 2221-352X.



Expert Comment Topics
Children and families, Decolonisation of Social work theories and practices , Social work Field education, Diversity and inclusion of vulnerable groups, Qualitative research methodologies.
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