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Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling (Minor in Coaching), and Bachelor of Psychological Science & Counselling courses are required to undertake volunteering as a mandatory part of their course requirements.

Following is a list of the specific course volunteering requirements:

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    Bachelor of Counselling students - 90 hours of volunteering
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Bachelor of Counselling (Minor in Coaching) students - 90 hours of volunteering
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling students - 140 hours of volunteering

Volunteering relating to the counselling degrees must be approved by ACAP before students commence volunteering with an agency. Volunteering hours cannot be backdated.

The inclusion of volunteer hours is to ensure the Bachelor of Counselling; Bachelor of Counselling (Minor in Coaching); and Bachelor of Psychological Science & Counselling courses meet accreditation requirements.

Students will receive detailed information on the volunteering requirements on enrolment into the above courses. Volunteering Information webinars are run each trimester.

The following list outlines various features of the volunteering component:

  • Does not require clinical/formal supervision
  • Must be in an industry related site approved by ACAP
  • Can be spread across the three years of the counselling degrees, however, must be completed prior to commencing placement
  • Students can begin accumulating hours once they have submitted a National Criminal Record Check to ACAP
  • Cannot be accrued at a student’s workplace
  • Can be completed at a maximum of three agencies
  • Must be at a different site to the ‘Service-Learning project’ site and counselling placement site
  • ‘Volunteering Timesheet’ must be signed off by the agency representative, and submitted to ACAP


How do I find out more information about the volunteering requirements of my course?
  • When you enrol into your course you will be emailed a link to ‘Sonia Online’, the Volunteering and Placement management site.
  • Volunteering Information Webinars are run each trimester – students will be notified of dates and times via Facebook and email.


A message from ACA

Philip Armstrong, CEO of ACA, clarifies the volunteering requirements for students, (newly enrolled from 2020) in the Bachelor of Counselling degree. Click here to find the letter.


Note: Students enrolled before Trimester 1 2020:

Although this is a mandatory component for new students commencing in Trimester 1 2020, it is optional for students who enrolled prior to Trimester 1 2020.  If you intend on applying for ACA membership upon graduation, you will need to inform ACA whether you have completed the voluntary hours.

If you have any enquiries about membership with ACA, please contact ACA directly.

Email all course related volunteering questions to [email protected]

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