Student Representation

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At ACAP we value student feedback and participation in academic and campus matters. As a student you have the opportunity to be involved in the governance of ACAP at a local and national level, through your campus Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) and the National Student-Staff Committee (NSSC).

You can find out more about these vital student forums below.

We send messages directly to all students about upcoming student representative meetings and activities, and everyone is welcome to attend.


  • The Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) represents the voice of students and supports student life, providing opportunities for members to develop leadership, consultation, teamwork, and event management skills, and contribute to a vibrant and inclusive campus culture.
  • Each ACAP campus has a local Student-Staff Consultative Committee, comprised of eligible students, elected by their peers in an annual election. Committee members serve a one-year term.
  • Student-Staff Consultative Committee members are an important part of ACAP’s operations who collaborate with staff and students to plan and participate in events, activities, clubs and campaigns of interest to the student community.
  • They attend the Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) meeting every trimester in Week 7 and are supported by the Student Engagement Manager (or delegate where there is no SEM), in collaboration with Discipline Coordinators and the Campus Manager.
  • The SSCC reports to the National Student-Staff Committee (NSSC) on relevant matters, ensuring student feedback from a specific campus is considered at the College level. This is particularly for discussions and ideas relating to the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).


  • The National Student-Staff Committee (NSSC) is a sub-committee of ACAP’s Academic Board.
  • The NSSC is comprised of elected representatives, ACAP Academic Board student members and ACAP staff. NSSC representatives must also be members of their campus Student-Staff Consultative Committee, and comprise at least one undergraduate, one postgraduate and one international student.
  • The NSSC represents the student voice and collaborates on Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) initiatives and activities, as well as other significant aspects of the student experience. It reports directly to the Academic Board about services and amenities that SSAF revenue funds.
  • NSSC Representatives will have the opportunity to develop leadership, consultation and teamwork skills; contribute to identifying and providing feedback about SSAF priorities and activities at ACAP; and seek and provide feedback from students about relevant ACAP services, programs and policies.
  • NSSC representatives attend a meeting every trimester.


  • Student members of the Academic Board contribute a student perspective to important institutional decision-making processes.
  • The Academic Board approves updates to the curriculum and oversees the quality of learning and teaching at ACAP.
  • Student members provide reports to Student-Staff Consultative Committees and seek advice from students on matters related to the Academic Board.
  • Students selected for this role remain a voting member of the Board for two years, pending ongoing commitment to excellence in their studies and ongoing participation in meeting the requirements of the role.
  • Current student members to the Academic Board are Ms Lauren Pavlidis and Ms Siew Ling Toh. Student members apply when vacant positions are advertised and are selected by a student panel.

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